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In an Active Directory Domain, there is a special Domain Controller which holds the FSMO Role "PDC Emulator". As its name suggests, it is there to ease migration from NT 4 domains to Active Directory 2000 and up domains by letting this PDC Emulator DC behave like a NT4 Primary Domain Controller. This allows to keep running NT4 BDC (Backup Domain Controllers) and NT4 Clients while you migrate core DCs to Windows 2000 and up. However, if you think the PDC Emulator is useless if you have no NT4 component in your infrastructure… you're wrong ! It serves many other different purposes : * When you use GPMC to modify a GPO (Global Policy Object), GPMC will by default perform the modification on the DC holding the PDC Emulator role. This prevents two administrators making conflicting modifications on the same GPO * The PDC Emulator is responsible of keeping the time synchronized on all the DCs * When a password is changed on a DC, this is immediately replicated to the DC holding the PDC Emulator role, and then according to the normal replication scheduling, on the other DCs. When a user fails to authenticate on a DC, this DC will immediately check with the PDC Emulator to know if this failure is due to a password change not yet replicated if it is the case, and the authentication matches the new one, then the authentication succeeds. This reduces the latency for a password change to take effect. To make it short, even in a full Windows 2000 and up Domain, the PDC Emulator role is one of the most important ones …

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Q: What is a PDC emulator?
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Who is responsible for managing time synchronization within a domain?

PDC Emulator

Which FSMO role directly impacting the consistency of Group Policy?

Pdc emulator

What is the purpose of the Primary Domain Controller on a Windows network?

The server holding the PDC emulator role will cause the most problems if it is unavailable. This would be most noticeable in a mixed mode domain where you are still running NT 4 BDCs and if you are using downlevel clients (NT and Win9x). Since the PDC emulator acts as a NT 4 PDC, then any actions that depend on the PDC would be affected (User Manager for Domains, Server Manager, changing passwords, browsing and BDC replication). In a native mode domain the failure of the PDC emulator isn't as critical because other domain controllers can assume most of the responsibilities of the PDC emulator.

Time synchronize which fsmo role will capture?

PDC Emulator will be responsible for time synchronization

Fsmo role which has time sync?

PDC emulator has the role to synchronize time in the domain

What utility do you use to view and manage the PDC emulator FSMO role holder?

Active Directory Schema

How do you find primary domain controller?

Open Active Directory Users and Computers.Right-click the domain node, and then click Operations Masters.On the PDC tab, under Operations masters, view the operations masters that will serve as the PDC emulator.

The is responsible for managing time synchronization within a domain?

The PDC Emulator page 86 of you 2008 server book, Mr. ITT student.

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What is the time synchronization mechanism in AD?

Next to DNS, time synchronization is one of the most important dependency of Active Directory. By default, Active Directory will tolerate a plus or minus of five minutes between the clocks of your network. If the time exceeds five minutes, clients will be unable to authenticate, and replication will not occur between domain controllers.Since time is so vital, Active Directory implements a time synchronization system based on Network Time (NTP). NTP ensures that every machine in the forest has a synchronized clock. In addition, each Windows 2000 or newer machine uses the w32time service to implement synchronize of their clocks.Below is a outline of how Time Synchronization works.The forest root domain PDC emulator synchronizes its clock with a reliable outside time source.Every child domain PDC emulator synchronizes its clock with the PDC emulator of its parent domain.Each domain controller synchronizes its clock with the PDC emulator of its domain.Each domain computer synchronizes its clock with the domain controller it authenticates to.

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What is the difference between Pimary Domain Controller and Active Directory?

Active Directory is called a directory service, it stores objects like users and computers.A domain controller is the server running the Active Directory is called.You can have multiple domain controllers for many reasons, like redundancy so should one server fail, people can still login in and access things like joined computers using another domain controller while the first server is being fixed.Just is small example of how Active Directory is to be used:Forest ( ( Controller DDomain Controller CComputer A, users can login to the computer using their account on using either Domain Controller D or Domain Controller C depending on different factors like location etc.Computer B, sameComputer C, sameDomain controllers have rights to authenticate and authorize login of users in domainOnly one Domain Controller in a domain can handle can tasks like the Global Catalog.Primary Domain Controller (PDC)Infrastructure MAsterRIDDomain Masterall are domain controllers with specfic FSMO rolesA Primary Domain Controller (PDC) is a server computer in a pre-windows2000 NT server Domain. A domain is a concept used in NT server Operating_systemwhereby a user may be granted access to a number of computer resources with the use of a single username and password combinationThe PDC has the master copy of the user accounts database which it can access and modify. The BDC computers have a copy of this database, but these copies are read-only. The PDC will replicate its account database to the BDCs on a regular basis. The BDCs exist in order to provide a backup to the PDC, and can also be used to authenticate users logging on to the network. If a PDC should fail, one of the BDCs can then be promoted to take its place. The PDC will usually be the first domain controller that was created unless it was replaced by a promoted BDC.PDC emulator master does not have the same special role in replication as the Primary Domain Controller in pre-Windows 2000 systems, but does have certain additional responsibilities:The PDC emulator master acts in place of the Primary Domain Controller if there are Windows NT 4.0 domain controllers (BDCs) remaining within the domain, acting as a source for them to replicate from.The PDC emulator master receives preferential replication of password changes within the domain. As password changes take time to replicate across all the domain controllers in an Active Directory domain, the PDC emulator master receives notification of password changes immediately, and if a logon attempt fails at another domain controller, that domain controller will forward the logon request to the PDC emulator master before rejecting it.The PDC emulator master also serves as the machine to which all domain controllers in the domain will synchronise their clocks. It, in turn, should be configured to synchronise to an external NTP time source.

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