What is a Rhinoceros beetle?

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a type of beetle with a cool looking horn.

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Where is the rhinoceros beetle found?

The rhinoceros beetle is found in northern Africa.

Is a rhinoceros beetle a mammal?

No, a rhinoceros beetle is an insect not a mammal.

When was European rhinoceros beetle created?

European rhinoceros beetle was created in 1758.

When was Asiatic rhinoceros beetle created?

Asiatic rhinoceros beetle was created in 1758.

When was Japanese rhinoceros beetle created?

Japanese rhinoceros beetle was created in 1771.

What beetle looks like a rhinoceros?

a Japanese rhinoceros beetle. also known as a Japanese horned beetle and kabutmushi.

What beetle looks looks like a rhinoceros?

a Japanese rhinoceros beetle. also known as a Japanese horned beetle and kabutomushi

Where does the Rhinoceros beetle live?

Rhinoceros beetle can be found in tropical regions. They are also common in Asia.

Can rhinoceros beetle kill you?


What kind of insect is the rhinoceros beetle?

a dynasties beetle type

Who would win a fight a rhinoceros beetle or moss mantis?

the moss mantis would win

Is the rhinoceros beetle in danger?


Can you have a pet rhinoceros beetle?


What is a rhinoceros beetle eat?


What is the common name of rhinoceros beetle?

The rhinocerous beetle is its common name.

What vertebrate group is a rhinoceros beetle in?

A rhinoceros beetle is an invertebrate, not a vertebrate, because it does not have a vertebral column. Beetles are insects, and all insects are invertebrates.

What beetle looks like a rhinoceros and where is it found?

They are callede rhinoceros beetles and are found in Guam

Where did the rhinoceros beetle originate from?

Arabia and Australia

What animal is strongest for its size?

Rhinoceros Beetle

How many hearts does a Rhinoceros beetle have?


How did the rhinoceros beetle get its name?

From it's Horn.

Do rhinoceros beetle you live in fall?


Rhinoceros beetle a herbivore or carnivore?

it is a carnivore

What colour is a rhinoceros beetle?

Depending on where the rhinoceros beetle is located and which classification they fall in, they come in many different colors. You will see them in green, red, and black.

Which animal has the strongest legs?

The animal that is said to have the strongest legs is the rhinoceros beetle. The rhinoceros beetle can carry up to 850 times its own weight.