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What is a Russian Olive tree?

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A small tree with silvery leaves, greenish flowers and a small fruit that resembles an olive. It is also known as silverberry or oleaster.

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What is a Russian olive?

a rusian olive is an tree with olives on it

What is an Russian olive?

Please see related link below.a Russian olive is a tree with olives on it.

What Shrub is known as Russian olive?

a tree of corse

Are Russian olive tree branch thorns poisinous?

The Russian Olive tree is native to Europe and western Asia. The Russian olive tree was introduced into North America in the late 1800s. It was frequently planted on the Great Plains in rows for windbreaks and was subsequently naturalised into the wild. This species is not known to be toxic.

Are the olives poisonous on a Russian olive tree?

No, the fruit of a Russian Olive tree is not poisonous to humans. In fact, it is a snack food sold at markets in Turkey and other parts of the Middle East. The taste and texture will be more like a date than an olive though.

What does Russian Olive tree smell like while burning?

burnt olives.

What level do you get an olive tree on FarmVille?

You can not buy the olive tree on farmville, you have to be sent it as gift. To send an olive tree you must be at level 32. Buy an olive tree for 5 farmcash in the market

What is the national tree of Greece?

The Olive treeOlive tree with it's products such as olive oil being Greece's national products.

Is olive an adjective?

It can be considered an adjective when used to indicate a color (olive skin), or something made from olive tree wood. Olive as a noun can refer to the color, the tree, or the fruit of the olive tree.

Olive tree with termites what do I do to get rid of them?

What to use on Olive tree with termites

What is the symbolic meaning of an olive tree?

The olive tree is associated with peace.

Does Olivia mean olive tree?

yes Olivia means olive tree

What is Athena's tree?

The olive tree.

How do you prune a olive tree?

Your English is incorrect, should read, "How do you prune an olive tree?"

What is the French word for an olive tree?

An olive tree is 'un olivier' (masc.) in French.

What biome does the olive tree live in?

what kind of biome doesw an olive tree live in

What tree was the sacred tree of Athens?

The olive tree

Is the Russian Olive tree toxic to horses if ingested?

My horse is currently at the CSU vet hospital with colic. The only thing weird we could think of was that he eats Russian Olive Trees.. he seems to love them. He has been doing so for close to a decade. They consulted with their plant expert ("guru" they called him) and he said he has seen Russian Olive cause impactions, but it is rare and probably wasn't what was causing my horse's illness.

Is an olive a fruit or a vegtable?

It is the fruit of an olive tree.

What helps a olive tree grow?

olive oil

What does olive tree produce?

olives and olive oil.

What is the Tagalog name of olive tree?

Tagalog name of olive tree: puno ng Olibo

When was Olive Tree Bible Software created?

Olive Tree Bible Software was created in 2000.

When was The Olive Tree - song - created?

The Olive Tree - song - was created in 1953.

Is an olive tree a deciduous tree?


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