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At least one degree above freezing?

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Q: What is a Safe house temperature to keep pipes from freezing?
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What if your furnace broke down and you were told your water pipes are safe from freezing for 24hours is this true?

If the outside air temperature is above about 30 degrees F, then yes; if the temperature is below that, then you should open the faucet to a slow trickle of water. If the water is moving, it probably won't freeze in the pipes and break them.

Is it safe to freeze homemade meatloaf?

yes, as long as it is cooled to room temperature before freezing.

How do you stop water from freezing in Antarctica?

Believe it or not, you can keep water protected in Antarctica by keeping it in a fridge. The temperature is so cold that a fridge could keep it safe from freezing.

Is it safe to operate dishwashers when the outside temperature is below freezing?

Yes, perfectly safe. I can't imagine why you think it wouldn't be.Yes, perfectly safe.

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NO, good temperature for rabbit is 68.

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Is yellow brass safe for water pipes?

It is safe, but it will rot out. It is used to prevent electrolysis, but that is pretty much it nowadays. Pex is more commonly used for water pipes.

Is it safe to use house paint to paint an oven?

No, you can not use house paint to paint an oven. You must use a high temperature paint

What temperature does jewelry melt in a safe?

The same temperature it melts at out of a safe.

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build a safe house

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