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Perfect question for the upcoming "Holiday Season"......To my experience a "Secret Santa" is a gift-exchange when names are picked blindly (yours & others) and you end up receiving a gift unknowingly from WHO IT CAME FROM...SURPRISE !!!..I'm YOUR SECRET finally revealed by the person that picked your name. It's a lot of fun....Happy Holidays !!

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Q: What is a Secret Santa?
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Do you ever reveal the gift giver's name in a Secret Santa exchange?

Secret Santa Traditionally, no. That's why it's a "secret"! It's what distinguishes a Secret Santa exchange from a regular old gift exchange. I *have* participated in "Secret Santa" exchanges that did reveal the gift-giver, but they're not *true* Secret Santa exchanges.

What is the duration of The Secret of Santa Vittoria?

The duration of The Secret of Santa Vittoria is 2.32 hours.

What could you give someone for Secret Santa?

You can check out some secret santa gifts for around £10 here:

When was The Secret of Santa Vittoria created?

The Secret of Santa Vittoria was created on 1969-10-29.

What should you ask your secret santa?

If the person is your "Secret Santa", then you won't know who he/she is! So you won't be able to ask the Secret Santa any questions. However, if I had a chance, I'd probably ask.... What made you willing to give so much of your heart to become a Secret Santa.

Who is the real secret santa?

We are sorry but that secret is so secret even we don't know.

What are some idea's on what to get someone for secret santa?

You can check out some great gifts for secret santa for around £10 here: Hope this helps.

What actors and actresses appeared in Secret Santa - 1994?

The cast of Secret Santa - 1994 includes: David Canary as Santa Michael Galeota as Clay Tyler Noyes as Danny

What are the release dates for Secret Santa - 2002?

Secret Santa - 2002 was released on: USA: 30 November 2002

What are the ratings and certificates for Secret Santa - 2003 TV?

Secret Santa - 2003 TV is rated/received certificates of: Netherlands:AL

What is the politically correct term for Secret Santa?

Secret Snowman would work.

How can you send letters to Santa without seeing his secret house?

Santa has a P.O. Box.

Alternative secret santa?

"Yankee Swap"!!

What are the release dates for Secret Santa Buttplugs - 2008?

Secret Santa Buttplugs - 2008 was released on: USA: 24 December 2008 (internet)

What are the release dates for Hardly Working - 2007 Secret Santa?

Hardly Working - 2007 Secret Santa was released on: USA: 19 December 2007

What actors and actresses appeared in The Secret Life of Santa Claus - 2005?

The cast of The Secret Life of Santa Claus - 2005 includes: Tapani Perttu as Narrator (Finnish)

Name a two word phrase that includes the word secret?

Secret Garden; Top Secret; Secret agent; secret lover; secret service; secret santa; secret society.secret codefamily secretsecret admirersecret santasecret passwordsecret ingredienttrade secretsecret formulasecret weaponsecret compartmentFAMILY FEUDSecret AgentSecret ServiceSecret AdmirerSecret SantaSecret Gardensecret societytop secret

How do you get a Secret Santa Number for the sweepstakes?

Give me a number!

A what is a fun Christmas game?

Secret Santa :D

What is a blue elephant gift?

Its like secret Santa.

What is a sensible spending limit for secret santa?


What was cat's secret santa gift on victorious?

A bear

What was the Wheel of Fortune Secret Santa sweepstakes for November 13 2011?

November 13 2011 was a Sunday and there was no Secret Santa Sweepstakes or New Wheel of Fortune programs on Sunday

How do you sign up for secret Santa?

It depends on who is involved. Most secret Santa groups are family members who buy gifts for each other. Sometimes friend groups do it, and sometimes several families.

What were the wheel of fortune secret santa sweepstakes spin id numbers for November 23 2011?

Secret Santa Sweepstakes is over. The last day was November 22 2011