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What is a Slater?

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A Slater is someone who puts slates on a roof.

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Who are all the Slaters in EastEnders?

Parents Father - Charlie Slater Mother - Viv Slater Daughters Kat - Kathleen Slater Little mo - Moreen Slater Lynn - Linda Slater Belinda Slater Parents Mother - Jean Slater Father - unknown Slater Children Son - Sean Slater Daughter - tacey Slater Parents Mother - Kat Slater Father - Harry Slater Children Daughter - Zoe Slater Parent Mother - Stacey Slater Father - Ryan Malloy Children Lilly Slater

Did Samuel Slater invent the Slater House?

Samuel Slater was not the one to invent the Slater house

Who is Andy Slater?

if you think about it Andy slater is Andy slater

Where is John Slater?

Who is John slater

Where is the Slater Public Library in Slater located?

The address of the Slater Public Library is: 105 N Tama, Slater, 50244 0598

What is the birth name of Slater Young?

Slater Young's birth name is Jan Slater Young.

Christian Slater have a sister named Helen slater?

Christian Slater is not related to Helen Slater. That isn't even her real name; she was born: Helen Rachel Schlacter but uses the stage name Slater. Christian Slater's only sibling is a younger (half) brother: Ryan Slater. Their mother is Mary Jo Slater.

Is a slater a vertebrate?

No, a slater bug is not a vertebrate. It is an invertebrate.

What is Stacey Slater latefather name?

Brian Slater.

What has the author Oscar Slater written?

Oscar Slater has written: 'Trial of Oscar Slater' -- subject(s): Trials

Who is Alana Slater?

Alana Slater was a great Australian gymnast.

What phone does kat slater from eastenders have?

kat slater has a nokia

When was David Slater born?

David Slater was born in 1962.

When was Stacey Slater created?

Stacey Slater was created in 2004.

When was Stephen Slater born?

Stephen Slater was born in 1888.

When did Stephen Slater die?

Stephen Slater died in 1942.

When was William Slater born?

William Slater was born in 1790.

When did William Slater die?

William Slater died in 1852.

When did Colby Slater die?

Colby Slater died in 1965.

When was Colby Slater born?

Colby Slater was born in 1896.

When was Sean Slater created?

Sean Slater was created in 2006.

When was Kat Slater created?

Kat Slater was created in 2000.

When was Ken Slater born?

Ken Slater was born in 1917.

When did Ken Slater die?

Ken Slater died in 2008.

When was Lauren Slater born?

Lauren Slater was born in 1963.