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its $100

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โˆ™ 2008-10-09 17:11:59
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Q: What is a Spanish peso worth in 1982?
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What is worth more a Philippine peso or a Mexican peso?

A Philippine peso is worth more than a Mexican peso.

What was the Mexican peso worth in 1972?

Un Peso What was the Mexican peso worth in 1972?

How much is a un peso worth?

its worth 1 peso

How do you say penny in spanish?

peso is a penny in mexico, and penny is peso in spanish

What is a 1980 peso worth?

1 peso

What is the value difference between a peso and un peso?

"Un Peso" is Spanish for "One Peso."

What does UN peso mean in Spanish?

It means "one peso." The peso is a unit of currency.

How much is a Peso worth in Urugauay?

One Peso.

How much is 1000 peso worth us?

1000 peso is worth $80.60 USD

How much are 1920 peso worth?

1,920 peso are worth 162.3 U.S. dollars.

How much 1966 un peso worth?

how much is 1966 un peso worth

How much is one peso worth in Mexico?

Since a peso is an official coin in Mexico, then it would be worth exactly one peso.

Is the 500 argentine peso note worth anything?

Is the 500 argentine peso worth anything?

How do you spell 'weight' in Spanish?

"Peso" or "de peso".

How do you say one peso in Spanish?

You would say "un peso".

What is the respelling of the Spanish word peso?

The word peso doesn't have a respelling.

How much is a 20 peso coin from 2000 worth?

A Mexican 20 peso coin is worth about $1.57.

How much is peso dollars worth in us?

how much is 2150.00 peso dollars worth in usa as of 2016 ?

How much is a 1981 un peso worth?

More information is needed. Many countries use the peso as their currency unit. Please post a new question including the country name.Also, note that "un" is the Spanish word for "one" and does not refer to the United Nations (which doesn't issue coins anyway, LOL!)

How much is the 1901 phillippineoe silver peso worth?

A 1901 Philippine silver peso can be worth up to $36.00. The value of the specific peso will be determined by the condition it is in.

How do you spell the Spanish word peso or the coin name in Spanish?

"Peso" means "weight" in English. The coin name came from saying "one weight" of silver - un peso.

What are the currency of the Spanish speaking countries?

Every spanish speaking country has a different currency. Some examples are:Mexican PesoDominican PesoCuban PesoBolivianoEuro

How do you say weight in spanish?


When did Charles C. Di Peso die?

Charles C. Di Peso died in 1982.

Is a pa so spanish money?

It's actually called a peso. I'm not quite sure about the actual conversions, but one peso is worth quite little. If somebody's more sure about the actual value of a peso in comparison to a dollar, feel free to change this answer, but I believe 100 pesos is worth close to only 1 dollar.