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Contrary to what the title suggests, Tennessee Riders are not necessarily associated with the state of Tennessee, nor are they involved in equine practices. However, according to folklore, and as captured in the cult blooze-core song "Tennessee Rider," Tennessee Riders usually have the following characteristics in common: Two letter Ts in their names A penchant for spending money An affinity for dancing, especially when feeling down A cult hero status among latch key children In addition, Tennessee Riders tend to not be able to stand still. They've just got to dance.
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What is a Power Rider?

Power Riders . \nThese were exercise machines, cycling machines, sold through infomercials. Guthy-Renker manufactured Power Riders. Fran Tarkenton was the spokesperson for this product. They are no longer manufactured. Guthy-Renkeris now involved in other products such as ProActiv Solution and Da ( Full Answer )

What is rider-insurance?

Answer . \nWe have insurance riders on items not regulary covered under our homeowner's insurance. Things like fire arms, jewelry, antiques, recreational vehicles and things like that are things that are usually covered by riders. You will need to check with your agent to find out what is cove ( Full Answer )

What were Freedom Riders?

in May 1961, 7 black and 6 white activists travelled on segregated buses in the Southern United States to challenge local laws that enforced segregation. They provoked violent reaction and their actions were considered criminal acts. But in the end, many others followed and the State authorities iss ( Full Answer )

Who were the freedom riders?

Generally, they were Civil Rights Activists. More specifically, they were people from the 1960's who wantedsegregation laws changed. Many of them were members of the Congressof Racial Equality. Freedom Riders were both African-American andwhite. Some notable Freedom Riders are: Stokely Carmichael, ( Full Answer )

Where is Tennessee?

Tennessee is an interior state, in the south central region of the eastern US. It is located between the Mississippi River and the Appalchians: west of North Carolina, south of Kentucky, and north of Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia.

Is David Rider still married to Anna Rider in Knoxville Tennessee?

hey every-1 this is Anna rider nickole rider is my sister im sure you'v heard of her she is a country singer ,a little bit of an opra singer and she sings some Hannah Montana songs i think she is the best singer i have heard in my life and she is pretty but shh don't tell anyone this nickole rider m ( Full Answer )

What is a rider?

Depending on context, it can be a beverage to go, an add-on to a contract, or someone that you give a ride to. It can also be a "horse rider", "camel rider", "motorcycle rider", or an "elephant rider", for example.

Who are the Rough Riders?

They were a regiment of cow herders and college students fromacross the southern u.s. led by Lieut. Col. Roosevelt there firstmajor victory was at San Juan Hill when his regiment and some otherunits drove the Spanish from their stronghold there. People in the Spanish-American War lead by Teddy Roos ( Full Answer )

Who were the rough riders?

The nickname for Roosevelt's army during the Spanish-American war. The group was made up of Native Americans, miners, cowhands, buffalo soldiers, etc.

What is Line rider?

Line Rider is an AWESOME game where you draw lines for a little dude to ride one. :)

What did the Freedom Riders do?

The Freedom Riders were activists who were determined to protest the segregationists policies of the deep South.

What did Tennessee?

Tennessee became the 16th U.S. statewhen it joined the Union on June 1, 1796. Tennessee was the last ofthe Southern states to declare secession from the Union during theCivil War. It was admitted to the Confederacy on July 2, 1861becoming the eleventh state to join the Confederacy. Tennessee wasread ( Full Answer )

What did the rough riders do?

The Rough Riders were a cavalry group who were part of the charge up San Juan Hill in Cuba. They are associated with Teddy Roosevelt. The name Rough Riders is currently used by a soccer team on Long Island, New York, based close to the Roosevelt home in Oyster Bay, New York.

What is a Free Rider?

A Free Rider is anyone who benefits from resources without havingto work for them. In today's world free riders can and do includethose who abuse welfare, insurance defrauders, and thieves.

What is Alex Rider?

Alex Rider is a series of spy novels by English author Anthony Horowitz about a young spy named Alex Rider . The series is aimed primarily for teenagers.Seven novels have been published to date, as well as three graphic novels , two short stories and a supplementary book. The first novel, ( Full Answer )

What are Night Riders?

As I've been told Night Riders where white men who rode in the night making whats right to them. They kill, steal, and burn things if they thought was wrong.

Who lives in Tennessee?

Many Country music artists live in Tennessee including Tim McGraw& Faith Hill, Alan Jackson, Brad Paisley, Keith Urban, MartinaMcBride, Vince Gill, Wynonna Judd, and Sara Evans. Othercelebrities living in Tennessee include Nicole Kidman, Miley Cyrus,Melinda Doolittle, Scott Hamilton, Michael W. Smit ( Full Answer )

Riders in the Legislature?

an ammendment, adjustment, or an add on law that is not related to the topic of the bill. it is used to save time and gain votes in the legislate process.

What is a government rider?

Government riders are additions or amendments added to a bill bylegislation. Riders are used most often when legislature is tryingto pass a controversial provision that typically could not pass asa bill by itself.Ê

Who are the riders of the thunderdome?

http://www.visitlasvegas.com/Vegas/play/shows/index.jsp World's Guiness Record Holders! As of May 08, shows are daily from Wednesday to Sunday at 9:15pm and 11:15pm. Check out videos on you tube and AOL video for Bela Tabak's Riders of the Thunderdome! The Guinness World Record Holder's Rider's of ( Full Answer )

Who is Alex Rider?

Alexander "Alex" Rider (born February 13, 1987) is a fictional character. He is the protagonist and title character of the popular Alex Rider series of novels by British author Anthony Horowitz. He is also the protagonist of two story stories written by Horowitz based in the same canon as the series ( Full Answer )

What is a novice rider?

a novice rider is someone who can properly groom and tack a horse. Also you can walk trot canter and jump small fences(1ft)

What is a Rough rider?

look then up! about 3,000 men applied for this job to train and fight on horses in the Spanish american war they took the best thousand and trained for 3-4 months then there was a ship that was going to come get them and take them to the battle field but the boat could only carry 300 people and coul ( Full Answer )

What is a Freedom Rider?

The freedom riders were a group of African Americans during the 1960's who were testing the use of desegregation in the buses, and they were often thrown in jail, or worse

What is a intermidiate rider?

Let me explain all the steps to you. Beginner- new to riding. Can steer a horse with there hands. doesn't have a very good seat. Can NOT handle hot headed horses or horses that need a firm hand. advanced beginner- Can handle a horse well. knows how to tack, groom etc. Can control the horse at ( Full Answer )

What is tomb rider?

It's a game for all systems. Adventures of Lara Croft is what its all about

Who are the riders in Eragon?

Book one in the Inheritance Series is called Eragon. The only known riders in Eragon are Galbatorix and Eragon himself, though at the end of Brom's life Eragon learns that he too was once a rider.

Where is Flo Rider from?

He was born on 187th Street projects in the Carol City neighborhood of Miami Gardens, Florida

Who is joe rider?

A Rider is a derogartory term given to sailors assigned to submarines for temporary duty. Joe Rider was a Navy cryptologist who rode submarines in the 80's and 90's Type your answer here...

What is an intermediate rider?

An intermediate rider has some riding experience. They are no longer a beginner, but not yet an advanced rider. In some styles of riding a beginner is called a Novice, then Intermediate, then Advanced (the highest level)

What makes Tennessee Tennessee?

The people. It's as simple as that. I've lived in the state for 21 years and I've traveled around the United States quite a bit, but I've never been anywhere where the people are so kind, selfless, hospitable, and friendly. There is a reason we're called the volunteer state. I happen to live in the ( Full Answer )

What can you do in Tennessee?

you can visit places like the national park,caves,thehall of fame,and great smokey mountain + more

How do you get dual riders in line rider?

use line rider 3 beta and click on the start point.2 bosh faces will apear one will be crossed out , click this one and play your track hope this helps (_)

Which Kamen Rider has the strongest rider Kick?

It's probably Kuuga's rising ultimate form's rider kick because Kuuga's Ultimate forms kick could wipe out the world his rising ultimate form kick should be stronger.

What is a bond rider?

A Bond Rider (Consent of Surety), as described in the wikipedia free encyclopedia, extends bond coverage to assume liabilities for third parties conducting operations for a principle.

What is an antonym for rider?

Driver, if you're talking about riding as a passenger, or base/core if you mean 'rider' as in addendum.

Am i an advanced rider?

Please state if you can do Walk,trot,canter etc when you ask this question. I would suggest asking your riding instructor instead of asking on the internet as none of us can really see you ride.

How do you get the Rider in Borderlands?

Once you get the mission Another Piece of the key, or puzzle, or whatever it's called, Follow a path to the back of Marcus's store, or next door to that, and stand in front of the door. (this location is right under the Repair Kit you found earlier) The door should open, revealing an elevator going ( Full Answer )

What is rider beam?

Perhaps a beam balance is the subject of your enquiry? If so, a rider beam is the beam along which one moves the small pointers till the point of balance is reached. A Triple Beam Balance will have three such beams. Coarse, medium and fine.

What is a trim rider?

It was a piece of exercise equipment made by Bollinger for Denise Austin about 20 years ago.

What is a horse rider?

Well, a simple answer is, "A person who sits on a horse and rides it" But a detailed answer is this: (When I say it, I mean He/She) A true horse rider has a good relationship with the horses it rides. It might not necessarily have a horse of its own, but it must understand the horse na ( Full Answer )

What is the bucket rider about?

the story is about a man looking for a coal to fill his bucket. He is a poor man hopes that the coal dealer will be generous enough to loan him some coal

Is rider an adjective?

No, rider is a noun. EXAMPLE: The bike rider speedily raced down the street. Rider is a noun, and your subject.

Is knoxvill Tennessee in southern Tennessee?

Not quite. It is more Northeast than anything else. Memphis and Chattanooga is in South Tennessee, Clarksville and Nashville is in North Tennessee, Kingsport and Bristol is in East Tennessee and West Tennessee contains Jackson, Dyersburg and part of Memphis. Look up a map of Tn(Tennessee) and you wi ( Full Answer )

What is a idita rider?

An Idita Rider is the winning bidder of an auction-stulefundraiser held by the Iditarod Trail Committee each year.

Is ever one in Tennessee from Tennessee?

Not everyone in Tennessee was born in Tennessee. Many Tennesseeresidents moved to Tennessee from other states or countries becauseof Tennessee's economy, weather and lifestyle.

What is a rider in congress?

In legislative procedure, a rider is an additional provision addedto a bill or other measure under the consideration by alegislature, having little connection with the subject matter ofthe bill.