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A USB wireless network adapter is a device that allows you to connect to a wireless network as is connected to a computer via a USB port.

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Q: What is a USB wireless network adapter?
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What is a wireless network adapter?

A USB wireless network adapter is a device that allows you to connect to a wireless network as is connected to a computer via a USB port.

Where can I find reviews about a wireless USB network adapter?

There are many online shops that sell wireless USB network adapter. is one of online shop that sells wireless USB network adapter with any kind of models. You can visit

How to connect your computer tower to wireless network?

You need to get either a wireless usb adapter or a PCI adapter. Usb type is better because it does not require as much work as in a case of pci adapter.

Does the computer hooked to the cable modem by usb need its own wireless adapter for a wireless network?

If you want to use wireless connection yes you need a wireless adapter.

What is a wiress usd network adapter is for?

The Wireless USB network adapter delivers powerful wireless AC technology to the notebook or the desktop computer. To connect a computer to a high speed internet connection the adapter should be plugged in the available USB port.

My latop does not have wireless capabilities. What can I buy to make it possible to connect to a wireless network?

Buya an usb wireless adapter.

Do I need a router as well as a usb adapter?

If you are talking about building of wireless network. Then you need a wireless router and a wireless network adapter (if you have a laptop you might not need it). If you have a desktop you rather will have to purchase a wireless network adapter. Pay attention to what kind of wireless network you are going to build. It can be a, b, g, and n types.

Can you put a wireless usb network adapter on a ps3?

No the USB on the PS3 can not be used to provide the internet connection

Three basic types of wireless adapter?

pci, usb, network card

Where can someone purchase a Belkin Wireless G USB network adapter?

There are many places where one can purchase a Belkin Wireless G USB network adapter. This includes computing stores, electronic stores and large department stores.

What can one do with the Wireless Network Adapter WUSB300N?

The Wireless Network Adapter WUSB300N is a device that lets you connect your laptop to the Internet. It is plugged into a USB port and will connect you by tapping into the nearest Internet signal.

Does netgear - wireless-n 150 usb adapter cost per month?

Wireless adapter cards do not cost a monthly fee, all the adapter does it connect to your wireless home network and allows you to access the internet.

What are the benefits of using Wireless USB network adapters?

There are a few potential benefits in using a wireless USB network adapter. They allow one to connect to wireless networks on the move and connect using laptops that don't have built in wireless cards.

Do you need a wireless adapter for a wireless mouse?

no, they comes with a USB adapter

Extending The Range Of A Wireless USB Network Adapter?

A wireless adapter that uses a universal serial bus (USB) connection gives a business the flexibility to make any computer or laptop a part of the wireless network. A wireless USB network adapter relies on a limited amount of power when it is attached to a laptop or other device. This can sometimes restrict the range of the adapter. One way to extend the range is to change the antenna on the unit. A wireless USB network adapter uses some type of antenna to send and receive signals. This antenna can often be removed and replaced from the unit. The most common type of antenna on a wireless USB network adapter is an omnidirectional antenna that receives signals in all directions. A much stronger connection can be maintained across a longer distance with a directional antenna that focuses on signals coming from a specific location. These antennas are inexpensive and very effective in an office environment. Unfortunately, this will not work with a wireless USB network adapter that contains an integrated fractal antenna that cannot be replaced.

What does an airlink101 awll6075 wireless n mini usb adapter do?

It enables you to access a wireless network if you don't have a wireless card in your computer or devices.

Can desktop or tower computer connect with wireless network connection?

Yes, it can. But you have to get a wireless adapter which can be either PCI, PCIe or USB.

Can you use any wireless usb adapter to connect to Xbox live on the Xbox 360?

Only a Microsoft wireless adapter can plug into the usb port. However if you can get a adapter that plugs into the ethernet port it will work. You can also get a usb to ethernet adapter but you need an external power source for the wireless adapter. Also Wireless N Network Router Adapters work fine.

Does a usb wireless adapter requires lan card installed in your desktop to be able to connect to a wireless network?

No. The USB connection will be used to pass the data, not a LAN card.

How much does a Belkin 54g wireless USB network adapter cost?

A Belkin 54g wireless USB network adapter price starts from å£11 for brand new. They are rear these days but can be purchased from Amazon, PC world, Currys, eBay, to name a few.

What does a wireless adapter USB do?

A wireless USB adapter allows a computer or wireless device to connect to a wireless router. It is needed for any device which is not wired to an internet connection, to connect.

What is a USB wireless adapter?

The Nintendo USB Wi-Fi Connector is for people who want to play Nintendo DS games on a WiFi network but do not have a wireless modem. Just plug it into a computer that is connected to the internet and you can access the internet as a wireless network on your DS.

Where can one find support for the wusb54gc?

Finding support for the Wireless-G USB Compact USB Network Adapter is not very challenging to do at all. In order to find support for the WUSB54GC network adapter, one can visit the Linksys website.

Can you connect your internet using a USB?

USB stands for Universal Serial Bus... If you meant to ask if you can use your USB port to somehow connect to the internet, then yes. You can get a USB wireless (Wifi) adapter if you have a wireless network (or wireless router, connect to a high-speed internet connection like Cable, DSL, etc...) If you do not have, or don't want a wireless network but would still like to connect to the internet through Ethernet, but don't have an Ethernet network card on your computer, you can use a USB Ethernet adapter.

What is a Netgear wireless usb adapter used for?

The Netgear wireless USB adapter is used for connecting to the internet on a computer or laptop that does not have a built in wireless card. It can be used when on the move.