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Both Victor and American Gun Company New York were trade names used by Crescent Fire Arms Company in the period 1893-1932. Values will depend on condition and exact model, but somewhere around $75.

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Q: What is a Victor 20 gauge single shot American gun co new York serial number 535919 worth?
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When was a single shot victor ejector American gun comany serial number 294087 produced?

no published sn data

What age is your piano the serial number is 22440 and it is a victor Chicago?

55492 yes it is a victor Chicago

How old is a victor ejector American gun company 12 gauge serial number 322878?

Victor shotguns were made by crescent firearms from 1904 to 1920. You can assume your shotgun is at least 90 +/- years old.

How old is smith and Wesson victor handgun with serial?

Without a serial number, there is no way to answer.

What year was American Gun Company's Victor Ejector 12 Gauge single barrel shotgun with serial number 401248 made?

No published sn data.

Victor ejector American gun co New York serial number 406248 single shot how old is it and value?

70-100 years old, 50-100 USD

What is a 12 gauge single shot victor plain American gun co New York serial number 288131 worth?

Between 50-100 dollars.

Where can you find information on an American Gun Co Victor Ejector 12 gauge single shot serial number 294000?

You can find information on the American Gun Co. Victory Ejector 12 gauge single shot serial number 294000 online at places like Shot Gun World. You can also find information and pricing on Gun Broker.

What is the year of manufacture of a High Standard pistol victor serial ML59130?

Contact High Standard with the Serial Number and they will tell you when it was manufactured.

How much is my American Waltham pocket watch serial number 8118468 worth?

American Waltham pocket watch serial number 8017000

How old is my 32 American bulldog revolver serial number 2365?

Where did you find the serial number?

How old is my VICTOR 22 CAL. R.F. serial number 4505?

No sn data available.

Where can you find pictures of 32 caliber victor pistol serial number 10789?

The odds are almost nil.

What is the value of an American Gun Co Victor model single barrel serial 430664?

between $50 & $100

How old is a victor plain American gun 12 gauge shotgun serial 389758?

No known published sn data.

When was Harrington and Richardson model victor .22 cal serial number 87559 made?

Cornell Publications might have sn data.

What is value of a Crescent Victor 20gauge breakbarrel shotgun Serial number is 589244?

Seldom exceed 100 USD

The manufacture date for an American gun company 12 gauge victor plain serial on barrel 374435?

Somewhere around 1900.

What year was an American gun company 12 gauge shotgun manufactured serial number 316678?

No published serial number data.

What is the age and value of an American Browning A-5 serial?

American Brownings were made from 1940-49. Please re ask with the serial number

What is the history and value of a Victor 16 gauge break action shotgun serial number 580 over 456?

50-100 USD

What year was the American derringer model 1 made?

You don't provide a serial number.

What age is your piano serial number 43378 and it is a victor Chicago?

Unless the serial number sequence was different on the Chicago models and the W.H. Palings models sold in Australia (that is, if there was only one sequence of serial numbers for all Victor pianos), yours probably dates to the early 1900's. Serial # 52000was manufactured in 1925 and serial # 40004, about 1870. Some information, much of it conflicting, indicates that your piano was manufactured in 1921. I wonder if it is quite tall and has two candle holders, just to see if we are talking about the same manufacturer.

What is the value of a victor ejector American gun company New York 20 gauge shotgun serial number 552796?

i have a victor ejector serail 554328 the name "american gun compan newyork" is a house or sort of brand name for cerestant arms its worth in between 80-200$ dollars depending on condition and what not there made between 1880-1930 and if your going to shoot it use a smaller shell than usally as the barrel can malfuction

When was American gun co gun serial number 347146 made?

No records.