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A dance similar to square dancing.

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Q: What is a Virginia reel?
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What has the author Virginia Johnson Gilbert written?

Virginia Johnson Gilbert has written: 'Virginia reel'

What culture did the Virginia reel originate from?

The probable origin is the Scottish Highland Reel.

When was Matthew Reel born?

Matthew Reel was born on December 9, 1976, in Bridgeport, West Virginia, USA.

What dances were performed in the 1700's?

The Virginia Reel

Where did the Virginia Reel originate?

Likely based on Scottish Reels.

Why is Virginia's state dance the square dance?

Because it is the Virginia Reel.

What is the name of the waltz playing in Gone With the Wind?

'Virginia Reel' , I think .

Is Sir Roger De Coverley a dance?

The answer is..... Yes it is! but now it is called the virginia reel

What is the duration of The Reel to Reel Picture Show?

The duration of The Reel to Reel Picture Show is 1560.0 seconds.

Virginia state symbols?

Official symbols include: * Milk is the Beverage. * Dog is the American Foxhound. * Flower and tree is the Dogwood. * Dance is the Virginia reel. * Fish is the brook trout. * Bird is the Cardinal.

What does a reel do?

a reel is a place where tape containing audio is stored. The Reel to Reel player plays the tape from a reel containing a full tape to an empty reel in order to play the audio on the tape. a reel is a demonstration of a talented persons abilities. One might have a "demo reel" which contains short segments that display that persons skills. see also fishing rod and reel

How do you take reel off fishing rod?

Onmostfishing rods (spinning rods) the the reel isattachedto the rod through the reel seat. At the top of the reel (where the reel joins the rod) you will see the foot of the reel being held held on onto the reel seat with two large crew caps on the fishing rod. To remove the reel loose the screw caps until there is enough room to remove the foot of the reel from the reel seat.

What is the value of reel to reel?


What is the foot of a reel on a fishing pole?

The foot of a reel is the part of the reel that attaches to the pole.

What actors and actresses appeared in Reel to Reel - 1993?

The cast of Reel to Reel - 1993 includes: Margaret Pomeranz as Herself - Panellist

What are the release dates for Reel to Reel - 1998 TV?

Reel to Reel - 1998 TV was released on: USA: 31 August 1998

Who invented the reel to reel?

thaari maa

What is the homophone for reel?

The homophone for 'reel' is 'real'.

Songs with dance moves?

The Hokie-pokie I'm A Little Tea Pot The Eency Weency Virginia Reel Birdie in a Cage Cupid Shuffle

How do you use reel in a sentence?

When the fish swallowed the hook, I was able to reel it in.In the old days, interviews were recorded on reel to reel cassettes.Dad is an avid fisherman, so we bought him a new rod and reel for his birthday.

How is a fishing rod a fixed pulley?

Not the rod, but the reel. The reel is fixed at one location on the rod. It winds the fishing line around the spindle of the reel as you "reel it in".

Can you give four sentences with reel?

I bought an old movie reel. The reel on the fishing rod broke.

Can you give me a sentence with the word reel in it?

i reel in the fish

How much is a JFK reel to reel worth?


Can you use the word reel in a sentence?

Example sentences for the word "reel":We need a good promotion to reel in new customers. (verb)My head began to reel when I saw the repair estimate. (verb)He uses the device to transfer a reel of film to a digital format. (noun)The fiddler played a reel to get the dancers on the floor. (noun)