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What is a WWE show like l?

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a wwe show is exciting and it depends where it is being held and what wrestlers are Wrestling. if it is a special event it is alot more exciting than regular events. but you realy don't want floor seats because if a match ends up out of the ring it isn't always so safe right on the floor it also depends whitch wwe company you are going to see for example smackdown is more exciting than raw because they have better wrestlers and raw is stupid. butecw is the most action packed.

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What does the WWE superstars arena look like?

Every wwe show (RAW,Smackdown,ECW) has a hour of a show before the real show starts on TV. there is no real WWE superstar show they take the matches from before the show and put them on tv!

Is there a show like WWE that's real?


Do WWE wrestlers like each other off the show?

wwe superstars can like or hate each other like you can like other just like u

What is the Wwe theme name for Big show and Miz?

The Miz-Show. I like The Big Show, but not the Miz. That's just what I thick (he is so NOT awesome) The Big Show Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO WWE!!!!

Who sings show-miz theme song wwe?

It sounds like a combo of big show and Miz

Can you take things from a WWE show?

You can't take thing from the WWE Show it would be aleagly

How does the WWE know who is going to win the matches?

Step one it depends who is vs who like big show vs chavo and if it's hell in a sell or steel cage. But it's not rocket science .l:)

What type of WWE program is on Wednesdays?

There is no WWE show on Wednesdays.

Is big show their in WWE raw 2008 total edition?

there is no big show in wwe total edition

Will any WWE legends be coming back to the WWE?

wwe will release the new WWE network in 2012 and it will feature a legends reality show. can't have a legends reality show without legends.

Doe's any body like kelly kelly in WWE?

yes big show loves her

What is a WWE superstar's dream?

HBK,The Rock The Hit Man,HHH,Big Show.

Is WWE a sport or a show?

mostly just show

The richest WWE wrestler?

the undertaker is the best in the wwe because people like big show and other superstars try to end is career and he keeps coming back

Can you make the WWE divas in the game take off there pants and show Virginia?

No, like that is so gross!

How do you make a wrestling company like WWE or Tna?

You have to go to the tv show studio you want it on and they will discuss it with you

Is WWE rael?

No it's not real, they can wrestle and have trained but wwe is a show and they are performers

What are the purpose of WWE Title Belts?

WWE title belts are used to show victory in a WWE tournament. They are essentially the trophies given in wrestling; much like the ones given in other, more popular sporting events.

What does WWE the big show stand for?

wwe= world wide wrestling entertainment. the big show is a show about burlier men than the other burly men.

Who is stronger in the WWE big show or Kane?

Big Show

What is WWE smackdown?

fighting show

Where can you download WWE show?

Was there ever a reality show for wwe?


Is the big show in the WWE?

Yes he is

What size does WWE big show wear in boots?

Big Show of WWE wears a 22 EEEEE size shoe (or boots).