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At least $350 even for a mixed-parts gun. All matching M1 Carbines in the rarer variations can bring $1500 or maybe more.

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Q: What is a World War 2 30 caliber carbine worth?
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What is world war 2 30 caliber bullet worth?

The common .30 caliber CARTRIDGE from WW 2 was either the 30-06, or the .30 carbine. They were produced by the hundreds of millions, and have very little collector value, due to the high numbers. Value is about $1.

What is a thirty caliber World War 2 marine rifle worth today?

100-5000 depending on EXACTLY what you have

What rifles were used in the civil war?

1861 Springfield 58 caliber Rifle Musket 1858 Endfield 3 Band .577 caliber Rifle Musket Sharp's Carbine 50 caliber Sharp's rifle 50 caliber Burnside carbine 52 caliber Spencer repeating carbine 52 caliber Henry Repeating rifle 44-40 rimfire Model 1841 Mississippi Rifle 58 caliber Harper's Ferry 1840 conversion smoothbore 69 caliber (Buck and Ball) This list represents only the more popular rifles. Other firearms such as shotguns (which do not have rifled barrels) and handguns (revovlers) are not listed.

What gun did they use in the civil war?

.58 caliber Springfield musket .69 caliber Harpers Ferry Rifle '''Spencer carbine '''Henry repeating rifle '''Colt revolver '''Remington '''English Enfield rifle ''''''''''''''''''

What rifle did forward observers carry in World War 2?

M1 Carbine

What US infantry weapons were used in World War two?

4m1 garand, m1 carbine

Name and caliber of standard infantry rifle used by Americans in World War 1?

springfield 1903 rifle........30/06 caliber

What level do you have to be to get the flamethrower online on call of duty world at war for the ps3?

The flamethrower is unlocked at level 65 along with the M1A1 carbine.

What is the History of a World War 2 Walter PPK serial number 21733K

what is the caliber ????

What caliber pistol Ithaca m 1911 world war 2 pistol?

45 ACP

What was the m1 carbine used for in war?

Close combat.

What is the value of a World War I commemorative colt 45?

What is World War 1 Commemorative worth