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What is a Yellow eared slider?

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It is an aquatic turtle.

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How do you tell the difference between yellow bellied slider and red eared slider?

Yellow-bellied sliders have a completely yellow plastron (bottom shell) but a red-eared slider will have ring-like markings on their plastron.

Does that sliders turtles have red on its head?

The red eared slider does, but the yellow bellied slider does not.

Can red-eared sliders mate with yellow-bellied slider turtles?

Yes, red eared sliders and yellow bellied sliders are both subspecies of "pond slider", in the wild where their range overlaps they mate quite often producing what are called "intergrades". The particular intergrade between a yellow bellied slider and a red eared slider often has features of both, large yellow markings on the head with a red corner.

What kind of turtle is a slider turtle?

A slider turtle is basically like a category of turtles including the Yellow Belly Slider Turtle and the Red Eared Slider turtle.

Is there any information on yellow eared sliders out there?

I don't think there is such a thing as a yellow eared slider. Try looking up yellow bellied sliders. That's probably what you're looking for.

Does a Red eared slider have a backbone?

Yes, a Red Eared Slider has a spine.

What type of aquatic turtle do you have if it is small and green and yellow?

by the way you have described it it sounds as if it is a yellow bellied slider, if it has to red marks on the sides of its cheeks/head it will be a red eared slider.

Why does a yellow slider male turtle shake his nails in front of him?

I know Red Eared Slider Turtles do that before mating. Males do it to females.

Are there yellow eared slider turtles?

Yes. They are very similar to Red Eared Sliders except the "ears" are the same color as their jaw markings.

Turtle yellow and green found in fresh water pond?

Most turtles found in freshwater ponds that are yellow and green are called red eared sliders. In their younger years they have yellow in them but as they age they begin to lose their color. The red eared slider has a red streak behind its eyes as well...It could also be a yellow eared slider as well which doesn't have the red streaks behind the eyes, instead yellow.

How do you teach a red eared slider to follow you?

I dont know it depends on the red eared slider

Can a red eared slider turtle be released into the wild?

today July 7 10 i let my red eared slider go into the wild because he was getting to big and he was 3 years old was excited and ran straight into a lake that has lots of red and yellow eared slider turtles in it so i think he very happy

What types of turtles can a red ear slider mate with?

A Red Eared Slider can only "procreate" (have young) with another Red Eared Slider but they have been known to "mate" (have sex) with Yellow Belly Sliders. They probably wouldn't try to mate with any other kind of turtle, other than a Slider.

Can a painted turtle mate with a yellow bellied slider turtle?

No, but red eared sliders can breed with yellowbellieds.

What are predators of the red eared slider turtle?

Clown Fish, they love red eared slider turtle.

Your red ear slider is not red?

My friend has 2 red eared sliders and they have red ears so that is why they are red eared slider and if there ear is orange they might just be young or been in the water it went away but mostly it just means they are young. My answer: That's completely natural if it's just orange, but if it's yellow, it's a yellow slider :)

Can you breed a red eared sloder turtle wit a yellow bellied slider turtle?

The answer is yes, Red-eared sliders have been band in the state of Florida as pets for this very reason. People buy a baby red-eared slider then don't realize they grow so large and release them in the wild. In the wild they have mated with yellow-bellied sliders.

Will a Red Ear Slider and a Yellow Belly turtle mate?

Yes, red eared sliders and yellow bellied slidersare both part of the slider family, so they are easy to cross breed. If you go to a pet shop, you will notice that most baby yellow bellied sliders have faint red 'ears' because they were interbred with red eared sliders.

When do red eared slider turtles bask?

Red eared slider turtles bask though out the day. There is no specific time that they prefer.

How big do ghost red eared sliders get?

Ghost Red Eared Slider Turtles will get to be the same size as normal Red Eared Slider Turtles, which is 10-12 inches.

Where can you get a yellow-bellied slider turtle?

I got my yellow bellied slider turtle at a flee market for $10. it was at Rodger's flee market in Ohio. now the red eared sliders r almost anywhere u look.

What turtle is better a red eared slider or a yellow bellied slider?

They both have same needs. Only difference is that they live in different places.In fact, there so alike they can live together.

What is the cost of red eared slider turtle?

when i bought my red eared slider turtle in turtle shack.comit was$12.00.but i dont know if they are cheaper.

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