What is a ZC?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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Q: What is a ZC?
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Which law describes the interactions between charged particles when they are not in contact?

Coulomb's Law of force F= q1q2 zc/4pi r^2.

What is average electric energy density when a plane electromagnetic wave travels in vacuum?

The average energy density is pressure P=S/c= E2/zc = DE = hc/r4.

Columbs force is vector or not?

Columbs force is a vector and a scalar it is a Quaternion, Coulombs' Force is the derivative of the energy E= -e^2zc/4pi r. The derivative is consists of a scalr and a vector. XE= [d/dr, Del] [-e^2/zc/4 pi r, 0] = -e^2zc/4pi (d/dr(1/r) + Del 1/r) XE = e^2zc/4pi r^2 (1 + R/r) where R/r is the unit vector. Columb's Force is a quaternion involving a scalar force e^2zc/4pi r^2 and a radial vector force, e^2zcR/4pi r^3.

What forces attract a positive charge towards a negative charge?

Charges create an electric field around them. This electric field creates a force that attracts or repels other charges. The field attracts opposite charges or repels same charges. The force F= q1q2 zc/2r2 .

What physical principle involving electric charges and a magnetic field is employed in the production of an electric current by an electric generator?

The physical principle that produces and electric current by an electric generator is theConservation of the Magnetic field: 0 =(d/dr + Del)(Bs + Bv)The field B is a quaternion field with the scalar part Bs and the vector part Bv.0= dBv/dr + Del Bs + DelxBv = dBv/cdt + Del Bs + DelxBvThis is the vector part (generator) of the Conservation,The magnetic field and electric field are related E=cB thus0= dBv/cdt + Del Bs + DelxBv = dBv/dt + Del Es + DelxEvFaraday did not include the scalar field and the term Del Es is missing from his Law.Del Es is the gradient of the scalar electric field and provides the back emf.The scalar part of the conservation of B is:0= dBs/dr - Del.BvHere too, the scalar filed Bs is left out and scientists declare that Del.Bv is always zero.This too is wrong dBs/dt = Del.Ev = rho/epsilon = zc rho = zJs

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What does 5 equals d in a zc?

means you need 5 D-cell batteries to make the ZC work

What does 5D in a zc mean?

"5D in a zc" means 5 digits in a ZIP code.

What is the health care term for a normal heart rhythm?


How is experimental probability and theoretical probability alike?

cm zC

7 equals D in a ZC?

digits in a zip code

Find the critical Zc that corresponds to a 98 confidence level?

The 98 percent confidence level is commonly used in statistical tests. The critical Zc refers to the amount of relation between to factors.

What does zc marking on an diamond ring stand for?

Am led to believe it is zirconium

Is Jake a wacko?

Yes, unfortonately my older brother is a very wacky dude. -ZC

Ok i have a 2001 neon it has a 2.0sohc head on it i wanted to know if i can put a 2.0 dohc head or a 2.4 on it please help?

No, the D16 ZC (or A9 in Europe) DOHC cannot have the head swapped onto a non ZC block. HTH

How do you identify Honda ZC heads?

There are both SOHC and DOHC ZC engines. The non-VTEC SOHC ZC is similar to the D16A6 ('91 - '96) and D16Y4 ('96-2000) engine, but with more aggressive cam timing. The DOHC ZC is similar to the D16A1, D16A3, D16A8, D16A9 and D16Z5 engines. there are two DOHC heads "brown top" and "black top" which comes form the color of the valve cover. the brown top has the valve cover studs located in the center, over the cams. were the black top has them around the edges of the valve cover. not on the top/center. the heads them selves are the same and interchangeable and you can also use a 88-89 integra d16a1 head. however the ZC has more aggressive cams then the D16A1 does.

Small round pink pill zc 65 in the front?

Venlafaxine hydrochloride 37.5 mg

What is the steering wheel warning light for on a vectra c?

POWER STEERING. Illuminates when a fault is detected in the Power Steering System. from ZC Series Handbook (2004 ZC Vectra) - my car.. .lol Email me at if you need further assistance. Thanks..