What is a ash catcher on a bong for?

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Since bongs are designed by and for idiots and other losers, the ash catcher is useful to those who want to smoke crack cocaine or freebase through it, since these drugs seem to work best when smoked through fresh tobacco ashes.
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Who invented the bong?

invented the bong during the period of time when the Europeans came to conquer North America. He used a native wooden boul to hold the water and a long shaft with a cut out to hold the boul and stem. He placed the shaft in the boul of water and placed the boul and stem in the cut out and he called i ( Full Answer )

What is a bong?

A bong is a water based apparatus used primarily to smoke cannabis. It consists of a bottle partially filled with water and a tube that runs into the water with a cone shaped attachment on the end. The water cools the smoke so that it doesn't burn the throat.

How does a bong work?

It's actually pretty simple, you light the slide piece holding whatever it is you are smoking, it goes down a tube on the bong and goes underwater, the sucking motion is pulling air through the slide and down the tube. The air at the bottom of the water is trapped, and the only place it has to go is ( Full Answer )

How do you do the beer bong?

Answer . you fill the funnel with beer, then put your mouth over the end of the tube, then someone lifts the other end of the tube/funnel and then you just swallow

What is a gravity bong?

a gravity bong is a type of bong that is usually home made. First, finish your 2 liter soda bottle and cut the bottom of the bottle. Second, make a hole in the middle of your cap and put a bowl on it, make sure it is the good size. Third, fill a bucket with water. Forth, put the bottle in the water ( Full Answer )

What is the ashes?

The Ashes is a Test cricket series, played between England and Australia - it is international cricket's most celebrated rivalry and dates back to 1882.. The Ashes trophy is an urn which is reputed to contain a burnt item of cricket equipment, possibly a bail.

How do you smoke out of a bong?

you put your mouth on that hole over the tap and i there is a carbyou put your finger over it either way start sucking and lightingwhen the smoke fills the chamber you take your finger off the carband pull really hard if there is no carb there is most likely aslide and there should be a handle where ( Full Answer )

How do you hit a bong?

a noob like you should not be hitting the bong if you don't already know

Who or what are the ashes?

Kept at Lords cricket ground in London the 'Ashes' is the trophy played for between England & Australia.

What can you do with ashes?

Everybody loves a nice roaring fire, but after hours of a beautiful fire burning, you're left with piles of ash in your fireplace. There are a few options for what you can do: . Sweep the ashes . Shovel the ashes . Vacuum the ashes The main problem with sweeping and shoveling ashes is that a ( Full Answer )

Why is there a spiral in bongs?

The spiral shape you are observing is a result of a vortex current which has formed as a result of the pressure difference inside the device and the relatively higher air pressure outside the device. The area closest to the air opening will have a higher atmospheric pressure than area further away f ( Full Answer )

Who or what are ashes?

Ashes are the substance left after burning wood. I can't be much more scientific than that. Sorry.

What is the purpose of a bong?

The purpose of a bong is to create a smoother more enjoyable experience. Regular glass pipes and bowls which don't include water are always more harsh and less enjoyable to smoke with. Refer to my link below. A bong is a water-pipe that is used to smoke marijuana. The water filters and cools the sm ( Full Answer )

How do you smoke bong?

Put some weed in the bowl. Put your mouth around the tube part. Like your drinking something but so no air gets out. Light the weed with a lighter and then let the smoke go into your mouth and then blow it out. Then go back to step 1.

Where can you buy a bong?

You cant buy a bong from large retailers such as tesco or argos etc, but every town i have lived in there has always been one or two small shops which sells various legal drugs and smoking equipment such as bongs. If you fail to find this sometimes illusive shop then simply buy one of the Internet. ( Full Answer )

Can you fly with a bong?

\nYeah, if you get some good dro. Remember you don't want bobby brown, you want al green.

What is in bong water?

Bong Water is the water that is added to a water pipe in order to achieve the desired filtering and bubbling effect.\n. \nOnce the water has been used to filter the smoke it becomes black and smelly. \n. \nWhen most people think of bongwater they remember how long it took for the smell to dicipate ( Full Answer )

What is bong water?

the water in the bottem of a bong try drinking it Mitchell B wrote this

How do you load a bong?

Put water in the bottom part and put the weed in the bowl... the little cup looking thing that sits in the hole in the side. Light the weed and well... there you go.

What is a suicide bong?

Possibly a Bong that is shaped like a gun. In my younger days I had a bong that was shaped like a colt 1911 .45 pistol. The mouthpeice was the barrell so it looked like you were shooting yourself in the mouth when it was hit. Hence Suicide bong!

Where can you get ash?

Burn a log, and after it goes out, you pick up the ashes. In most cases, you can also just go stand by the grand exchange and pick it up. Because they is usually at least one person standing there burning a bunch of logs trying to get their firemaking level up.

What rhymes with bong?

song ,kong, belong, long, chong, oolong (a dbz character), gong, dong, zong (a bong brand), pong clong, frong, blong, crong, rong, quong, jong, cong, yong, grong, grolong, franong, jolong, ramong, creong, along belong erelong geelong gong headlong long prolong prong song strong throng

What does a catcher do?

A catcher is stationed behind the batter and in front of the umpire. His job is to tell the pitcher what kind of pitch to throw, and then catch the pitch. He is also responsible for throwing runners out who are trying to steal bases.

Is the hurricane bong made of the same glass as the tsunami bong?

The Hurricane is made of high-quality stress-free glass but is much more expensive. The Tsunami is made of German shott glass, which according to the Tsunami pamphlets is 'unbreakable' When compared to the hurricane the tsunami glass is superior.

What is a kko-bong?

seal in Korean most likely. it was from a translator on the net i don't know how to speak a lot of Korean but i can read it n read the English characters for it. so i found the right symbols n translated it. if I'm not right then i tried. or a subordinate Or Slave

Where is the Bong Museum?

There is one in Copenhagen Denmark, but it has nothing to do with marijuana smoking bongs.

What is bing and bong?

its an 7-9 old old children show on noggin but sadly they dont show it anymore when i was 5 or 6 i loved it

Where can you get a bong?

You can get one in just about any smoke shop or head shop. However, "bongs" are technically illegal because they imply consumption of cannabis. If you want to buy one, you will need to refer to it as a "water pipe," which supposedly means you will use it for tobacco.

What is a percolator bong?

a percolator is a piece in the bong that runs the smoke through water a second time before inhaled in order to make a cooler hit that's easier on the lungs.

How do you rip a bong?

step one: get your bong, lighter and put some sticky icky in it. step two: light that hoe, covering the carb, and jus smoke till you CHOKE!!! step three: repeat this process till your really faded, and go raid the fridge!!!(: stay high my friend!(:

What is a bila bong?

has nothing to do with drugs. its a clothing company. "Billabong" There's also Bila Bong which is china glaze nail polish. just because it has the word bong in it doesn't make it have any similarities with marijuana.

What is percocity for a bong?

There is no such thing as a percocity the correct term is percolator and basically it is a glass chamber above the main water chamber that adds an additional filtration and cooling zone

Where is the bong on a tw 125?

It's hidden under the carburetor. To access it you need to unscrew the screws holding the seat, fold the vernacular and hold still while passing the duck. It should be accessed only while the vehicle is parked.

What is an ice bong?

An ice bong is just a bong with ice in the water cooling the smoke making it less irritating

What gets you higher a bong or a waterfall bong?

Absolutely, without a doubt, a waterfall bong will get you higher. waterfall bongs are str8 THC and get you messed up fast. A good WFB can be hit 4-6 times after lighting and spending the bowl. While the the normal bong hits smoother. The water the smoke passes through filters out about 25 percent o ( Full Answer )

Are bongs illegal in New York?

No. Bongs can usually be purchased in New York from places such as tobacco shops and adult book stores. Bongs are sold with the intent of them being used for tobacco. Once the bong has been used with Marijuana it contains resin that can be classified as a controlled substance in which case, you woul ( Full Answer )

Does the Cheshire Cat own a bong?

There is no suggestion that the Cheshire Cat owns a bong in the book Alice's Adventures in Wonderland , nor in any of the major movie adaptations. However, the Caterpillar has a hookah.

How do you put water in a bong?

Drugs are bad and you should never ever do them because they could kill you if you over douse :)

What is conical tubing on a bong?

you put the weed in the top nd put the bottom part in the bong nd light it ehile hitting ndtake out tube nd acts lik a speed hole

How did Richard Bong die?

Richard Bong died in California on August 6th 1945. He was 24years, 8 months and 13 days old when he died.In the Pacific Theaterhe flew the P-38 scoring 40 Victories against the Japanese andreceiving the Congressional Medal of Honor for his achievements.Bong became a test pilot assigned to Lockheed ( Full Answer )

Why do people smoke out of bong?

Because the water in the bong helps filter out some of the toxins from the marijuana smoke and leaves the THC. This gives you a "cleaner" hit which you can hold in longer and will get you higher.

What is the best bong in the world?

the smoke devil 7000 it is equiped with mega filter and its own flame source and it comes with pineapple express

What are bong holes?

Bong holes might refer to the holes that are in the pipe portion of a water bong that is used to smoke herbal tobacco. Bung holes are the holes in wine barrels that are closed with corks.

Why do bongs get you higher?

Well, there a are a few factors. First bongs dont necessarily get you "higher", because well, it depends what your comparing it to. Now I would assume that you don't have a vaporizer. A vaporizer will get you the most high because all the THC in the plant is being activated without being wasted (not ( Full Answer )

What are bong tokes?

A bong toke is synonymous to a draw on acigarette. It is the inhalation of smoke (typically cannabis) fromthe bong (cannabis smoking paraphernalia).