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What is a avulsion in geological terms?

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Avulsion occurs when a meandering river breaks through the base of a loop, cutting off the meander, and leaves the curve behind forming an oxbow lake.

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What is avulsion?

Avulsion in medical terms is a pulling or tearing away. Avulsion is the group known for 'Indoctrination Into the Cult of Death'

What is a plate in geological terms?


An avulsion is what kind of injury?

an avulsion is a tearing away forcibly by trauma or surgery

What are symptoms of an avulsion?

An avulsion has heavy, rapid bleeding and a noticeable absence of tissue

How do you use avulsion in a sentence?

Avulsion is the forcible tearing away of a body part by trauma

What the difference between an abrasion and an avulsion?

An abrasion is a scraped spot or area, avulsion is a tearing away

If so can water be a mineral?

In geological terms, a mineral must be a solid

What is an avulsion fracture of the ankle?

An avulsion fracture is when a ligament pulls a piece of bone away from the remaining bone.

What do the eras of the geological time scale represent?

An era, in geologic terms, is a geological time period encompassing two or more geologic periods.

An amputation is categorized as a?

an avulsion

What type of injury is an avulsion?

Avulsion means something got 'pulled off' (as opposed to 'cut off', or 'crushed', or whatever).

What kind of injury is an avulsion?

A fracture

What kind of injury is avulsion?

it is a tear....

List of geological terms?

Please refer to the related link and you'll learn a lot of them!

What do the terms fault and fold have in common?

They are both geological formations that occurs in solid rock masses.

A what is a cut in which a portion of the skin or other soft tissue is partly or completely torn away exposing fat or muscle?

Avulsion reason apex

What is the difference between and a avulsion fracture and a fracture?

An avulsion fracture is when you pull a ligament or tendon from a bone and a piece of that bone comes with it. It is not actually a "fracture". A fracture is a break.

How much does hamstring avulsion surgery cost?

I have never heard of or seen a situation that would require an "avulsion" surgery for a hamstring. If any case was ever drastic enough to even think about an avulsion an amputation would 99.99999% be much better and effective.Avulsion in general refers to a tearing away. Specifically, it can refer to:A type of amputation where the extremity is pulled off rather than cut off

What is a subduction in geological terms?

it when one of tectonic plates (lithosphere) descends under another plate (asthenosphere)

What is the age of Rhode Island?

It has been a US State for 220 years but is much older in geological terms.

What is an avulsion lateral malleolus?

the lateral malleolus is the bony prominence on the outside of your ankle. it is commonly referred to as the ankle. an avulsion to this structure is when part of it is forceably broken away from the maleolus.

What is the condition known as auricular avulsion?

With regard to human bites, the single most common injury requiring medical treatment is auricular avulsion, or tearing of the external ear.

How old is Vermont?

In geological terms it is quite old, as a State it is the 14th State which makes it about 219 years old.

Is there a word related geology word starting with A?

Ablation, acid rain and after shock are geological terms. They begin with the letter a.

Why are humans interested in the Grand Canyon?

Because in Geological terms, it is an open booock to the history of the natural world that we inhabit.