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Generically, "baby food"

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Q: What is a baby eat called?
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What does a baby corn snake eat?

Baby corn Snakes eat baby mice which are called pinkies.

Veil is baby lamb you eat what is baby cow you eat called?

Veal is a calf. Lamb is a lamb.

What is baby lamb that you eat called?


What do baby seahorses eat?

baby seahorses who are also called fry eat plankton and other fishes small enough to swallow eat larvae as well.

What do baby moose eat?

Baby moose's are called calves and they eat For the first few months, a calve will consume its mothers milk. Shortly after birth it will try to eat different plants.

What was baby Jesus bed or crib called?

a manger. a manger is where animals eat out of.

What do baby mourning doves eat?

Baby Mourning Doves, like all baby doves, eat a substance created by their parents called "crop milk", which is basically somewhat pre-digested seeds. Yum.

What do baby basilisks eat on RuneScape?

No such things on runescape as baby basilisks. However, there's a slayer creature called a Basilisk.

How baby chicken born?

Baby chickens are born from eggs (fertilized eggs only, not the ones you eat), because they are birds. A baby chicken is called a chick.

How do baby emperor penguins eat?

they use there peckers or so called beaks

Can you eat pigeons?

Yes you can, definitely. ------------------- A baby pigeon is considered a delicacy to is called "squab".

What do cygent eat?

baby swans, or Cygnets as they are called, eat water plants and in some kinds of swan, small fish or bugs.

What do baby baby caterpillars eat?

Baby caterpillars eat leaves.

What do baby cows eat when they grow up?

Baby cows (called calves) grow up to be cows. They will drink milk from the moms utters. The milk has the right amount of nutrients for the baby.

When do baby budgies eat on their own?

when can baby budgies eat on their own

What do baby born squirrls eat?

baby squirrels eat crushed nuts

What are baby flamingos called?

Baby Flamingoโ€™s are called chicklets

Do crikets eat roaches?

no they eat baby roaches and roaches eat baby crikets

What is a baby moose called?

A baby moose is called a calf

What does the baby lizards eat?

My cousins baby lizards eat crickets

What do baby plovers eat?

baby plovers eat fingers and leaves

What do baby chimpanzees eat?

Baby chimpanzee eAT banana and leaves

What does a baby dragonfly eat?

Baby dragon flies eat plankton.

What do baby Chimpanzee eat?

Baby chimpanzee eAT banana and leaves

What do baby bull sharks eat?

baby bull sharks eat small fish