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There are a few types of doctors that could be considered "back doctors." One of the best-known back doctors are chiropractors, but orthopedic surgeons that focus on the spine would also be considered back doctors.

Doctors of Chiropractic are experts in the field of non-surgical spinal health care. In addition, They are doctors who specialize in the function of the joints and nervous system. Chiropractors treat most neuromuskuloskeletal conditions. Common conditions that chiropractors treat are Back pain, neck pain, headache, leg/arm pain, peripheral joint problems (eg: impingments, strains, sprains), peripheral neuropothies (eg: carpal tunnel syndrome, thoracic outlet syndrome), vertigo/dizziness, whiplash, etc. Chiropractors are also well trained in nutrition and exercise, and as such can offer a range of advice/services that may relate to these.

Chiropractors must have a 4 year undergraduate degree before starting chiropractic school, then they must complete a 4 year, post graduate doctorate in chiropractic (8 years total).

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Q: What is a back doctor called?
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