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What is a backbone?

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BackBONEThe backbone of an animal is a row of bones called vertebrae.With regards to computers, the backbone is the term used to describe the hub, or main network connections.
The spine is the vertebral column of the body, the spine is also a classification of the bones. When it comes to bone classification, a spine is a pointed or narrow process.
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What is an animal with no backbone called?

no backbone- invertebrate backbone- vertebrate

Does a gorilla have a backbone?

A gorilla does have a backbone, but it is different from a human backbone.

Does python have a backbone?

Yes! pythons have backbone. Yes! pythons have backbone.

Do seahorses have a backbone?

totally!!they hav a short backbone but a backbone none-the-less

What is the backbone of DNA and RNA?

The backbone of DNA and RNA is a sugar-phosphate backbone.

Which groups of vertebrates have a backbone?

All vertebrates have a backbone. Invertebrates are animals that do not have a backbone.

Do ducks have backbone?

Do ducks have backbone Yes, ducks have a backbone. All vertabrates do.

What animal have no backbone?

a animal that has no backbone is octopus's they don't have a backbone cuz its a invertebrates.

Do fish or frogs have a backbone?

Nope, fish doesn't have a backbone but frog does have a backbone.

Does a monkey have a backbone?

yes, it has a backbone

What Is A Network Backbone?

Backbone is dick.

Do mullusks have a backbone?

Mollusks do not have a backbone.

Does plankton have a backbone?

No plankton do not have a backbone.

Does a moth have a backbone?

a moth has a backbone

What is backbone pain?

A pain on your backbone

Do beetles have a backbone?

no they do not have a backbone

Do bullfrog have a backbone?

A bullfrog does have a backbone.

do jaguar have a backbone?


Do flys have a backbone?

No. No insect has a backbone.

Does anemone have a backbone?

No, an anemone does not have a backbone.

Does grass have a backbone?

Grass does not have a backbone.

Is it possible for an invertebrate to have a backbone?

No, by definition an invertebrate does not have a backbone. The word invertebrate means "does not have a backbone."

Name for the backbone?

What is the name for the pieces of the backbone The parts of the spine (backbone) are known as vertebrae.

Do a stingray have a backbone?

yes,stingrays have a backbone.

Does an eagle has a backbone?

yes, the eagle has a backbone