What is a ballad?

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A Ballad is a narrative poem adapted for recitation or singing, especially one with of a sentimental feeling, or a slow romantic song.

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Q: What is a ballad?
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What is a ballad written by Henry Lawson?

Henry Lawson wrote hundreds of poems and ballads. A small selection of his ballads includes:The Ballad of the DroverThe Ballad of Mabel ClareThe Ballad of the Black SheepThe Ballad of the Casual LunaticBallad of the CornstalkThe Ballad of the Elder SonThe Ballad of the Hundred and ThirdThe Ballad of the Rouseabout

What traditional ballad does Ballad of Birmingham resemble?

Ballad of Edwards maybe

What rhymes with salad?

balladinvalidpallidvalidballadBallad? I can't really think of anything! ...ballad

What are the three types of ballads?

Folk ballad, Literary ballad and broadside ballad

What is 'ballad' when translated from English to Italian?

"Ballad" in English is ballata in Italian.

Where did the ballad originate?

The ballad originated from Germany. =]

What makes a ballad a ballad?

the ryme sceme

Is Lochinvar a ballad?

Yes, Lochinvar is a ballad.

Why is ballad used?

ballad is used for foolishness

What is a sentence for ballad?

The ballad was very soothing, and the singers were great; they ended the ballad with beautiful smiles.

How is the walrus and the carpenter a ballad?

The walrus said to the carpenter, "This is a ballad, carpenter, dear." That's how it is a ballad.

Types of ballads?

There are 3 main ballads .. Folk ballad, Literary ballad and broadside ballad

Does a ballad have to rhyme?

a ballad does not have to rhyme, it could though.

What is the difference between ballad and poem?

A ballad is a poem!!!

How many syllables in a ballad?

Ballad has two syllables.

Can a ballad be in first person?

Yes. The "I" of the ballad is not the singer.

When Ballad of the tempest summary?

Summary of ballad of the tempest

What are the differences between a folk ballad and a litterary ballad?

no different

What is an ballad poem?

a ballad poem is about something that's sad.

When was The Ballad of the Fallen created?

The Ballad of the Fallen was created in 1983.

When did The Ballad of Ulans happen?

The Ballad of Ulans happened in 2012.

When was The Ballad of Ulans created?

The Ballad of Ulans was created in 2012.

When was Ballad of Kurbin created?

Ballad of Kurbin was created in 1990.

When was Ballad of Siberia created?

Ballad of Siberia was created in 1947.

Who wrote the ballad of Hillsborough?

the ballad was rewritten by Conor Barnard

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