What is a bar code used for?

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Bar codes are used to identify a product, item, device, etc. From there we use the information that is held on a computer server and is associated with that thing for:
  • keeping track of the large number of items in a store
  • tracking of item movement, including rental cars, airline luggage, nuclear waste, mail and parcels.
  • individual bees for researchers to track the insects' mating habits.
  • tickets which allows the holder to enter sports arenas, cinemas, theatres, fairgrounds, transportation etc.
  • for advertisement, information services etc. (for mobile tagging)
  • and can also be used for the game thing where you get creatures when you scan a barcode, those things are cool!
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What is a bar code reader used for?

The bar code reader is used to read printed bar codes. It allows anattached computer to identify a product or item on which a bar codeit printed and, most importantly, price t

Why do we use bar codes?

We use barcodes to indentify a porduct which the barcode has been stuck onto this means when we scan a item the barcode on this item tell us everything we need to know about t

Why are bar codes used in supermarkets?

\nBar codes are used to uniquely identify a specific type of item in the store. This eases checkout because the price can be automatically looked up. It eases inventory beca

Why use bar code?

to minimize human error for typing or inputing file name of a document or item.

Where is a bar code used?

Any where a large number of items need to be moved in a small amount of time. Examples are fans going into a sports event, warehouse stock coming into or out of the warehouse,

Why does supermarkets use bar codes?

To make stock-control easier. Every item has its own unique bar-code - each time the item is scanned at the till, the computer system updates the stock list. The manager can t

How did NASA use bar codes?

NASA uses bar codes to monitor the millions of parts they get to build space vehicles. For example NASA had to purchase thousands of heat tiles for the bottom of the space shu
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What is the bar code reader used for?

I actually worked at a retail store for many years. When we implemented our bar code readers it was to read UPC codes of products. Our computer system would recognize the UPC
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When were bar codes scanners used?

The use of bar code scanners exploded in the 70s as the technologyquickly spread to retail outlets.