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What is a basic oxide?

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In Chemistry, A Basic Oxide Is An Oxide That Either Reacts With Water To Form A Base Or Reacts With An Acid To Form A Salt. One Example is Sodium Oxide That Reacts With Water To Produce Sodium Hydroxide.

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barium oxide is basic oxide.As Barium is a metal so metal forms basic oxide.

No,it is not acidic.It is a basic oxide.

It is a basic oxide: with water magnesium hydroxide, Mg(OH)2, is easily formed.

Calcium Oxide - also known as quicklime, is very basic.

No. It is a basic oxide.

Potassium oxide is a strongly basic oxide:K2O + 2 H+ ----> 2 K+ + H2O

Sodium oxide is a strongly basic oxide:Na2O + 2 H+ ----> 2 Na+ + H2O

The oxide ion itself is basic, but oxides of various elements may be acidic, basic, or amphoteric.

Oxides are classified into 3 types: > Basic oxide > Acidic oxide > Amphoteric oxide (both Basic and Acidic)

Sodium oxide, Magnesium oxide, Copper oxide, Acidic oxide, Amphoteric oxide

Yes it is an amphoteric oxide as it has both basic oxide and acidic oxide properties.

Lithium oxide is a basic oxide: When it dissolves in pure water, the resulting solution has a pH value greater than 7.0.

Nitric oxide is acidic in nature.

Lithium oxide is a basic oxide, because its solution in water has a pH value higher than 7.

Barium oxide is strongly basic oxide:BaO + H2O --> Ba(OH)2BaO + 2 H+ ----> Ba2+ + H2O

Sodium oxide is basic as it contain OH Group whil phosphorus oxide is acidic cause it do not contain OH Group

Aluminum oxide is amphoteric, meaning it has both acidic and basic properties.

No. Na2O is an extremely basic oxide.

A metallic oxide is basic in nature.

No. Lithium oxide is strongly basic.

No. Oxide is a highly basic ion.

Iron oxide is a basic oxide. So yes, a base.

No. Sodium oxide has only basic properties, no acidic ones.

yes....magnesium oxide is basic in nature. It reacts with water to give magnesium hydroxide solution which is basic in nature

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