What is a bby stock and what does it mean?

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"The term ""bby stock"" is a Stock Market term that refers to the company Best Buy. Bby is an abbreviation for Best Buy, and when referring to the company stock, people in the business will use ""bby stock""."

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Q: What is a bby stock and what does it mean?
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Where can one get a stock for BBY?

BBY stands for Best Buy Company, Ltd and they are listed on the New York Stock Exchange. You can purchase stock in BBY by contacting your local stockbroker.

Where can I find information on bby stock?

"Information on BBY Stock, or Best Buy Stock, can be obtained from stock experts, or by researching Forbes, MSN Money, or by using investor's guides. You can also use Market Watch and the New York Stock Exhange."

Is best buy quoted on stock exchange?

Yes. Its listed on the NYSE as BBY.

What does the texting term bby mean?


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How much is Best Buy stock?

To view the current price of Best Buy stock (ticker symbol BBY) use the related link below.

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What is the stock symbol for Geek squad?

Geek Squad is owned by Best Buy and so is traded on the Stock Market as Best Buy, whose symbol is BBY.

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What is the ticker symbol for Best Buy?

The ticker symbol for Best Buy is BBY and it is traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

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When was BBY Ltd created?

BBY Ltd was created in 1987.

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