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Ending the task. If your computer still doesn't respond after a while, then boot it. well in my opinion u should first of all wait for the process to restore in it's original form if it does not work and hangs then just push"CTRL+ALT+DEL" and then use the "task manager" option there u will see a window containing the applications that are being run on ur computer. just click on the program that is creating difficulty for u and click end process and in most cases in advance Opearating systems it works like in Xp and 2000 but in win 98 it does not work and u have to reboot the system.

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Q: What is a better option ending the task or booting the computer?
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How do you access the Advanced Windows startup option while booting your computer?

Press the F8 key

How do you start computer from CD-rom?

Insert the CD with the operating system on it into your computer's disk drive. Now boot the computer and the machine should give you the option of booting from the CD.

Which computer is better for gaming?

The second option.

What are disadvantages of installing two different operating systems on one computer?

every time u may choose different option during booting

What option for ending a window 7 session complete turn off computer?

The simplest option to end a working session on a computer is to turn off the computer. Go to Start and then click Shut Down in the right bottom corner of the start menu.

The gateway a computer uses to access another network if it does not have a better option?

dfault gateway

Is the connection a computer uses to access another network if it does not have a better option?

Default Gateway

What type of computer option do you need in order to produce high resolution graphics and animation on your computer?

You need a better monitor also.

What is a program option page on your computer?

Computer Program Option Page

Where is the My Computer option located?

Mostly my computer option located on the desktop.

Where can one get a crash recovery?

If one is trying to recover their computer from a crash, the best way is to restart the computer to see if it loads. If this does not work, one may consider booting in safe mode and using the system restore option. Should this not work, one would need to either reformat the computer or take it to a local computer repair shop.

Which is better to buy a branded computer or a non branded computer?

It will all depend on how much you want to spend. A non branded computer will cost less, also maybe better performance. Down side is that you don't have any grantee on it. A branded computer are (in my view) better built but maybe has less performance. However, you will have a grantee on this. In my option, building a computer will be the best option because it will be cheaper, and you will know all components if needed to upgrade.

How do you turn on the num lock key when booting up a computer?

You can simply push the numlock key if you wish to toggle it's status. If you mean how to make the computer boot with it turned on, you would have to enter the CMOS setup and see if the option is in there. It is often on the very first page of the setup, assuming it is there.

What are the advantages of booting your system from the diagnostic software disk?

If the system doesn't boot up normaly, that is your only option.

Why would an administrator want to select the Respond only to known client computers option on the PXE Server Initial Settings page?

Choose this option if you want the server to respond only to known clients that have been prestaged. Prestaging a computer requires that an administrator create a managed computer account in Active Directory before booting the client so that it can be installed over the network.

Option for booting if your video drivers are corrupted and you need to update rollback or reinstall your video drivers?

Enable VGA Mode

Should you shut down your computer by holding down the power button?

It would be better to turn your computer off using the "Shut Down" option in the Start menu.

Which is better for computer training - online or in person classes?

The better option for computer training depends on the person. If you are a more visual learner, you can probably try online courses. If you need more assistance, try in person classes.

How do you start in safe mode?

lick Start and then click Shut Down. Restart. As your computer restarts but before Windows launches, press F8. On a computer that is configured for booting to multiple operating systems, you can press F8 when the boot menu appears.Use the arrow keys to highlight the appropriate safe mode option, and then press ENTER.

How do you reinstalll mac book?

Reinstalling the system depends on which OS you are using. Either use the instal disks that came with your computer, or hold down the option key when booting up. The emergency system will be one of the choices of startup systems. You can reinstall from there.

What is a better option than eating pies and chips?

a better option is eating veggies or fruit because it is better for your health.

What is the purpose of safe mode with networking under the advanced option menu?

You use this option when you are solving a problem with booting and need access to the network to solve the problem. Also this turns off all firewalls.

A PC continues to boot You try to solve the problem by booting from a Windows 98 startup disk You discovered unwanted command in autoexecbat?

start the windows in safe mode.. to do this press f8 while booting and choose the safe mode option from the menu.. now click on start -> run type "msconfig" there you will find the autoexec option.. check for any entry starting "shutdown", if so then delete the entry.. restart computer..

What option should you should use for booting if your video drivers are corrupted and you need to update rollback or reinstall your video drivers?

You can try "Safe-Mode".

A computer is experiencing random reboots and phantom problem that disappear after rebootwhat should you do?

Simply put? Get a new computer. If this is not an option, take the computer to a computer specialist and have them diagnose the problem. If this is also not an option, you may try re-installing your operating system. If the problems persist, your computer is likely experiencing hardware problems, which can not be fixed easily. The faulty parts will have to be replaced; however, purchasing a new computer would likely be a better track to take, as they are extremely cheap nowadays.