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A female goat is called a doe.

An entire male goat is called a buck.

A castrated male goat is called a wether.

And the young of goats are called kids.

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Are all goats gay?

No, goats are not gay, males will only mate with females.

Can humans mate with goats?

No, not legally, and no offspring can be created.

Can a mini stud horse mate with a female goat?

No. Sheep and goats are close enough species-wise and if you cross them you get what is called a shoat. But horses and goats are too far apart genetically for a successful cross.

How do wolves mate for real?

they mate for real when they have kids!

Do deer like Japanese roses?

deer are like goats mate they browse anything

How do goats find food?

Bit Simple Mate. They Eat Grass. Yes Grass.

Who is billy goat's mate?

A male goat is a Billy.A female goat is a Nanny.A young goat is a Kid.

Can a billy goat mate with dog?

Yes if they really wanted to

Will a horse colt foal still try to mate with his mother when she is pregnant?

My colts will try to mate with the fence, goats, even me. It is what they do. Gelding time is here!

Can chickens and dogs have kids?

Yes. The male and the female mate and have puppies. A group of puppies is called a pack or kennel. The rooster and the hen mate and have chicks. A group of chicks is called a brood or flock. But a Dog and a Chicken mating will result in nothing because they can't even mate!

What is a goose's mate called?

The mate of the goose is called a gander.

Can you keep a ram with your nanny goats or will he try to mate with them?

he will try to mate or breed them so unless you want a sheepgoat thing that's probably not a good idea

Can brother and sister hamsters mate?

Yes, it is posssible. This process is called inbreeding. Their kids or even grandkids can have health problems.

When are male goats at breeding age?

Bucks are mature and ready to mate at 2 years old and over.

Who A mate thinks billy ray Cyrus wrote Angie and that it was originally called Miley true or false?

the only song i know called angie was by the rolling stones written by mick jagger

Which rank is not alloud to mate or have kids in warrior cats?

Medicine cats are not allowed to have a mate or kittens.

To whom was Billy Bones first mate?

In Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island the drunkard Billy Bones claims to have been first mate to the notorious pirate Captain Flint. Whether or not you believe him is another matter.

What do you get when you cross a cow and a goat?

You would think it would be a coat. It is not possible for cows and goats to mate. The egg will not fertilize.

Male of goat?

The male of a goat that is mature and can mate is called a buck. Billies are also male goats but they are usually the leader of a herd instead of a mating goat. A castrated male goat is known as a wether.

What is a ducks mate called?

A duck's mate is called a drake. The duck is female, the drake, male.

What is a mate rabbit called?

a "male" rabbit is called a buck. don't know what a "mate" rabbit is!

What is it CALLED when you have one mate for life?

Monogamy is what having only one mate for life is called.

What is the defenision of mate?

friend. for example, "he is a good mate of mine. We have been mates since we were kids." Aussie slang

What is the highest kill streak on call of duty modern warfare 2?

my mate called billy has a 1082 killstreak on his hacked. my friend Jake has a 53 killstreak not hacked, so suck on that.

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