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Q: What is a black snake's main diet?
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What are snakes main diet?

the main diet for snakes is mice and plenty of water it is also essential for snakes to not feel lonely so a play mate is important also remember to keep it warm

What is a skunk main diet?

Insects, frogs, snakes, bird eggs, trash, etc...

Do black mambas eat deer?

Nope - they never grow large enough to tackle such large prey. Their main diet consists of birds, rodents and other snakes.

What are black mambas diets?

it has a varied diet of small mammals but also feeds on birds and other snakes

How do you know that black footed ferret main diet is prairie dogs?

Scientists can examine animal feces and know what their diet is. The black footed ferret has been studied very intensely and the conclusion was that their main diet is prairie dogs.

Can an anaconda eat plants?

Yes, its not part of their main diet but it can be common for a few species of snakes even sharks!

What do most burrowing owls eat?

Insects and Snakes are a Burrowing Owl's main diet. Occasionally a mouse or rat.

What food does a black footed ferret eat?

The black footed ferrets main diet is prairie dogs

What is the diet of corn snakes?


Do black snakes kill copperheads?

Black snakes do kill copperhead snakes

Are Black King snakes poisonous?

no black king snakes are not poisonous

Do black snakes eat copperhead snakes?

Black Racers eat other snakes. So it is possible.

How do black snakes keep poisonous snakes away?

By eating them. The black ones u see are king snakes that feed on other snakes

What are the colors of snakes?

youve got red,black,yellow,orange.....its like all snakes have different colors.So technically,snakes have all the main colors we know now except pink.HEH

What do desert night snakes eat?

Their main prey is lizards. A study in southwestern Idaho found that the night snake's diet consisted mostly of side-blotched lizards (Uta stansburiana) and their eggs. Other prey includes juvenile rattlesnakes and blind snakes, salamanders, frogs, and large insects.

What are some facts about black snakes?

Black snakes belong to the cobra family

When was Black Eyed Snakes created?

Black Eyed Snakes was created in 1999.

Are black snakes all black?


What is a mole snakes diet?

Their main diet is 'golden moles' (hence the name !) - though they will eat other rodents - and have been observed to eat the eggs of sea-birds and other fowl.

Do black snakes have teeth?

no black snakes have a bone inthere upper and lower jaws no black snakes have a bone inthere upper and lower jaws

Can corn snakes eat grasshoppers?

Grasshoppers are not part of the natural diet of Corn snakes !

What type of snakes are red and Black?

lollie snakes

Are black snakes omnivores?

No. All snakes are carnivores.

Do black mamba snakes use mimicry?

do black mamba snakes use mimicry

Do black snakes kill other snakes?

Probably. Most snakes eat other snakes. If you mean a black rat snake, then yes, but it is a constrictor. It has no fangs.