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What is a blue tetra?

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A blue tetra is a small aquarium fish.

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Cochu's blue tetra was created in 1966.

You could visit this site for more informations.

it is slightly wider, and has a more curved blue stripe

if its a girl the blue band will curve and if its a boy the blue band will stay straight.

Males have a straight blue line along their backs. Females have a bent blue line and are usually larger

tetra is 11\12

nobetta will kill tetra

I'm getting a new Tetra for my aquarium. I am unfamiliar with the Tetra species. I already have a Cardinal Tetra, plus some Neons. The Flame Tetra is featured on a postage stamp from Cuba.

The tetra will probaly eat them

All I know is that tetra means four.

I can't have another tetra in my tank.

No. Gouramis will be very aggressive to the tetra.

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Tetra Films was created in 1992.

Congo tetra was created in 1899.

Tetra Pak's population is 2,010.

A Tetra Brik is a carton produced by the Swedish packaging company Tetra Pak. The Tetra Brik is specifically designed for cold beverages.The noun Tetra Brik is a proper noun, the name of a specific product. Proper nouns are always capitalized.

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The meaning tetra comes from ancient Greek

It depends what kind of tetra but mainly all do

The prefix "tetra" is associated with the number four.

YBSliders aren't salt water creatures, but do require hot water/living conditions (around 25-29 °C - 77-84.2°F). You'll need to find a fish that doesn't require salt water (so I'm afraid that rules out both Marine and most Tropical fish) but loves warm waters.HOWEVER, here is a list of FRESH WATER TROPICAL FISH:African Butterfly FishAngelfishBala SharkBetta FishBlack Neon TetraBlack Phantom TetraBlack Skirt TetraBleeding Heart TetraBloodfin TetraBlue GouramiBlue Ram CichlidBuenos Aires TetraCardinal TetraCherry BarbChinese Algae EaterClown LoachColumbian SharkColombian TetraConvict CichlidCorydorasCrayfishDiscus FishDojo LoachDwarf GouramiFiremouth CichlidGhost ShrimpGlowlight TetraGoldfishGold BarbGold Inca SnailGuppyHarlequin RasboraHead and Tail Light TetraIridescent SharkJack Dempsey FishKissing GouramiKribensis CichlidMarble Hatchet FishMolly FishNeon TetraOdessa BarbOscar FishOtocinclus CatfishPearl GouramiPiranhaPlatyPlecoPristella TetraRainbow SharkRed Eye TetraRed Tail SharkRed Belly Pacu FishRed Devil CichlidRosy BarbRummy Nose TetraScissor Tail RasboraSerpae TetraSilver ArowanaSilver Dollar FishSwordtailTiger BarbTinfoil BarbWhite Cloud Mountain MinnowWhite Skirt TetraZebra DanioHope this helps :]-Claudia

no a tetra fish has a shiny streak

Green neon tetra was created in 1963.

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