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What is a bluebell?

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A bluebell is any of the plants of the bellflower family, having blue, bell-shaped flowers.

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What happens if you cross a bluebell cockerel with a bluebell hen?

Then you will have 'bluebell' chicks.

What is the scientific name of the flower bluebell?

Mertensia virginica is the Virginia bluebell,Scilla nutans is the English bluebell

What is the Scottish Gaelic for 'bluebell'?

currac-cuthaige: Scottish bluebell, harebell (campanula rotundifolia) fuath-mhuc: common bluebell (hyacinthoides non-scripta) bròg na cuthaige: English bluebell (hyacinthoides non-scripta)

Is a bluebell a weed?

It is a weed if you do not want it in your garden. In England, the Spanish bluebell is invasive and will hybridize with the English bluebell. The native bluebell has a sweet scent and a narrower leaf than the Spanish.

Flower name that start with lette B?

Bluebell? Bluebell?

What is the Welsh for 'bluebell'?

clychau'r gog; croeso haf

How tall is Claudia Bluebell?

Claudia Bluebell is 171 cm.

When was Bluebell Records created?

Bluebell Records was created in 1959.

How many eggs do bluebell chickens lay?

65 per bluebell

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How do you say 'bluebell' in Irish?

cloigín gorm (Bluebell) - Literal translation of bell and blue - in use for circa 50 yrscoinnle corra (Bluebell) - Original & correct name. Still also in use. Literal Translation: Stem [coinnle] Bent [corra]méaracán gorm (harebell / Scottish Bluebell)

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What color eggs do bluebell chicken's lay?

Bluebell Chickens lay a pale brown egg

When was Miss Bluebell born?

Miss Bluebell was born on June 24, 1910, in Dublin, Ireland.

How does a bluebell reproduce?

by bulb

What color eggs do bluebell hens lay?

bluebell hens will normally lay a light / pale brown egg.

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What state has the state flower Royal Bluebell?

None. The Royal Bluebell is the floral emblem for the Australian Capital Territory.

Is bluebell monocot or dicot?


What is the national flower in Scotland?