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Bugs Bunny: What's Up, Doc? - Volume 1 (Bugs Bunny (Graphic Novels) ISBN 140120516X .

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What was Bugs Bunny's original name?

Bugs BunnyThe original prototype of Bugs Bunny was nameless. Bugs Bunny was originally called Bugs Bunny.

Who is the real Bugs Bunny?

Ben "Bugs" Hardaway , the creator of Bugs Bunny (Bug'sBunny) .

Did Bugs Bunny have a mother?

Technically , no , Bugs Bunny did not have a mother but Bugs Bunny did have two fathers such as Bugs Hardaway and Tex Avery who created the cartoon character of Bugs Bunny .

The name of a male rabbit?

bugs bunny? bugs bunny?

Who did Bugs Bunny?

Mel Blanc voiced Bugs Bunny .

When was the character Honey Bunny invented?

The character Honey Bunny was first seen in the Bugs Bunny Comic Book, in issue #108 that was released in November of 1966. However, the character was thought to have been inspired by a character with the same name that appeared in the Bugs Bunny Album comic book series in 1953.

How tall was Bugs Bunny?

Bugs bunny was 9999 foot four.

Is Bugs Bunny Canadian?

No , Bugs Bunny is from Brooklyn , New York .

Is Bugs Bunny a girl or boy?

Bugs Bunny is a boy .

What is Bugs Bunny middle name?

Bugs Bunny does not have a middle name .

Who was the character in Bugs Bunny that wanted to hug him?

the character who wanted to hug Bugs bunny was Lola bunny

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