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The bridge humbucker has a pole piece spacing wider than the neck humbucker for better induction of string vibration.Example: Look on any guitar and see how close together the strings are at the nut, then look at how much wider they are at the bridge.

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What is the difference between single coil and humbucker guitar pickups in sound?


I want a guitar that has Telecaster twang and Les Paul growl I want to be able to swithc from playing like brad paisley to playing like Boston i was thinking about an S PU in bridge and H in the neck?

Get a good les paul and coil-tap the bridge position humbucker. When you split the coils it will give you a tele-type sound. Not exact, but with a medium-output bridge humbucker it will work.

What's the average price range for a mini humbucker harmonica?

The mini humbucker is a humbucking guitar pickup. It was originally created by the Epiphone company. The average price range for a mini humbucker is between $50 and $120.

Can you change a humbucker to single coil?

The easiest way to put a single coil pickup in a humbucker routed guitar is to purchase humbucker sized single coils. There are many on the market from companies such as Seymour duncan, EMG, and GFS. The most affordable ones are humbucker sized P90 pickups from GFS called the Dream 90. They are a 100% pure P 90 in a humbucker housing. They are available at

What are the best electric guitar pickups?

EMG EMG-ZW Zakk Wylde 81/85 Humbucker SetEMG EMG-ZW Zakk Wylde 81/85 Humbucker Set

What guitar does Izzy play on the video for Sweet Child o'Mine?

It appears to be an ESP copy of a Fender Telecaster. It's not a Fender because it has a pointy headstock, a locking vibrato bridge, all-white finish, and humbucker pickups.

How do you get your electric guitar more of the rock type?

Im assuming you mean the sound so here is my answer to that: a nice bridge humbucker should do the trick, humbucker give a very high signal in comparison to single coil pickups wich makes them ideal for distortion effect wich are quiet often used in the rock genre Hope this hepled, have a nice day

Can you use a electric guitar pickup on a acoustic guitar?

No, it doesn't quite work like that. You can get a pickup for acoustics but not like a humbucker out of say, a Gibson Les Paul.

Which guitarists use humbucker pickups?

Really any style. A humbucker eliminates hum produced by a single coil. It is used for a thicker, fatter sound on a guitar. It's mainly used in any type of rock.

What is the point of CoilTap on guitar?

"Coil Tapping" will switch your humbucker pickup to a single coil, giving your guitar a more strat-like sound, and adding versatility to your tone.

What does HSS stand for on stratacaster guitar?

It stands for Humbucker, Single-coil, Single-coil, in reference to the type of pickups used.

Is the emg hz h4a a neck or bridge humbucker?

Most commonly it is used in the neck position along with HA, I have tried the A as a bridge pickup. Kinda mellows things out a bit

How do you restring a guitar?

Depends on what kind of bridge you guitar has.

What is the equivalent of a Frankenstein guitar pickup?

The pickup in Van Halen's Frankenstein guitar is an original PAF from a Gibson ES-335. So a good vintage output humbucker should get you close.

Where is the bridge on the guitar?

On the body of the guitar, it holds the strings back.

The two main types of electric guitar pickups?

theres four kinds i can think of first the two main and than single coil humbucker active humbucker active single coil or hum cancelling single coil (forget the technical term)

Does a guitar bridge adjustment need to be even on both sides?

No and it probably shouldn't be. Adjustment of the guitar bridge should only be done by a professional. Your local guitar shop can do it for you. You can seriously mess up the tuning and tone of your guitar by adjusting the bridge incorrectly.

What anchors the strings to the body of any guitar?

Guitar strings are anchored to the body of the guitar at the bridge using either bridge pegs, or slots or holes through the bridge. They are anchored at the other end of the guitar at the headstock by attaching to tuning gears or pegs.

The bridge in my guitar came off of my guitar pull out the screws that holds it to the body can it be fixed?

If the bridge comes off of a guitar it can still be repaired but should be fixed by an instrument professional. The guitar may sound differently slightly once the bridge is repaired.

What does HSS mean in Fender guitars?

It Stands for the pickup arrangement on the guitar; H- Humbucker S- Single coil S- Single coil :)

How do you put a whammy bar in your electric guitar?

It depends on the type of guitar and the type of bridge, but there's probably be a hole in the bridge of your guitar which you can screw the whammy bar into.

Can you change the bridge on your guitar?

yes but i highly recommend you bring it to an experienced guitar tech. you can really ruin your guitar easily by changing your bridge. hope this helps

How do you replace a single coil pickup with a humbucker?

While it is possible to route the guitar to accommodate a full sized humbucker, the easiest way is to get a single coil sized humbucker. Many of these "side by side" single coil size humbuckers have a sound somewhere between a single coil and a humbucker, or sound very similar to mini humbuckers. However, almost all companies who sell these pickups have a model designed to sound exactly like a real humbucker. From Seymour Duncan's Lil'59 to Dimarzio's Super Distortion S, there are many to chose from. These pickups should require no routing, and if they do, it will be very minor.

What is a definition of scale of guitar?

The 'scale' of a guitar refers to the average string length between the bridge and the nut of the guitar (this is the average length because intonation at the bridge means that not all the strings are identical in length from nut to bridge).

Where do you put the bridge guitar spring on the guitar?

on the back of your guitar, there's a plastic cap, remove it, and there you are ;)