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100-1000 USD depending on specifics

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The number X1850 indicates the serial number.This serial number shows that you have a browning auto-5 16 gauge shotgun that was made in the year 1947.

What model of browning shotgun are we talking about? I would need to know this in order to help you answer this question.

what is 20 gauge shotgun with kk worth

how much is a gauge victor ejector shotgun worth

Between 275-500 dollars depending on the barrel type your shotgun has and the overall condition of the shotgun in question.

No such thing as a 22 Shotgun.

Please check the following link

This would be worth 500 to 2500 dollars depending on the condition. This is a valuable shotgun if someone is desiring to sell.

your browning,if it is a auto-5 shotgun was produced in 1951.These are going for between 250-550 dollars depending on the amount of original finish left on the wood and metal.

You will need to provide the overall condition of the shotgun in question,and the amount of original finish remaining on the steel,wood,and the condition of the bore to get a accurate value assigned to your shotgun.You will also need to provide the model of Browning shotgun you have,and a serial number to age the shotgun in question.Please include which type of barrel goes with this shotgun(plain,matte rib,or vent rib)this also has a bearing on the value of your Browning shotgun.

What is a 12 guage A.J. Shotgun worth

Need a detailed description of all markings, condition, finish, box, papers, etc..

Depending on exact model and configuration and overall condition a few hundred to multiple thousands.

Without more specific information; 100-1000 USD or so

A Browning A-500g shotgun in excellent condition is worth about 900 dollars.

I would need to know what model of Browning shotgun you are asking about in order to answer your question.

A Browning automatic light 12 gauge shotgun with a gold trigger is worth between $300 and $1,000. The actual value varies greatly based on the specific model and its overall condition.