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What is a browning Model 1955 380 cal worth?


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Normal blue ... a little over $300

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a browning 1955 would be worth maybe 650$-800$ if u have box/case paperwork and so on if not 650$-700$

We need the model- there is more than 1 Browning .380 pistol.

They refer to this handgun as the browning model BDA (browning double action auto) pistol.

You simply drop the magazine, then you pull back on the slide to extract the round.

$75-$125, depending on condition.

About $450, depending on exact model, and exact condition.

bdl is not a model number. Please check again

The first 380 was patented by John Browning in 1908

de que ano es la browning bda 380 425 nm15253 76.962 has a sn function under customer service.

50-1000 USD depending on what model.

Your Browning .380acp was one of the last guns made in the year 1965.That year the last serial number was 598804.It should also be noted that the Browning 380 was redesigned due to the gun control act of 1968.This new model came out in 1970 with a longer barrel,adj.rear sight,and modified grip.

Manufactured by Fabrique Nationale in Belgium for Browning's sale in the US. It is the basic Model 1910 with the 1971 changes (sometimes called the 10/71 or Model 1971). Most often referred to simply as the 'Browning .380 Pistol.' Not to be confused with the BDA-380 which was manufactured by Beretta and introduced in 1977. A few different finishes were offered, but a standard blue model in typical used condition will bring $300-$350. go to browning web site; go to services tab; you can look up seral number and age of piece.

Maybe $200.00 now depending on model. mine is a old one that holds 13 rounds worth $300.00

Your browning 380acp pistol is going for between 300-450 dollars depending on the overall condition of the wood,metal,and bore.your browning 380 was made in 1971.

No way to tell without a detailed description of all markings.

$75-150, depending on the condition.

Make, model, condition. We need all 3 factors.

The closest I can come to the gun in your question is not a .38, but a .380 automatic. bojho was a marking used by the Yugoslavian Army on Browning 1922 pistols made by FN. Value of any gun is based on exact make, model, and condition. In Good condition, the Browning 1922 is about a $300-$350 gun.

How much is a bersa 380 mod.85 worth

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