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What is a buck bunny?


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A buck is a male bunny/rabbit.

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You should separate the buck right after the mate. This is because the buck will want to re-mate with the doe. Also make sure the buck is far away from the kits!

A male rabbit is known as a Buck.

The buck (male) will hump the doe (female)

A Bunny Buck is a valid US Dollar that has an Easter Seal printed over Jefferson's face. There are also some with Santa Claus on them. They are sold to make money for charities and often used as gifts.

The doe is always ready to take the buck. Hense why they breed so much

A male rabbit is a buck rabbit. A female is a doe. A baby is a kitten.

Males rats R called a "Buck." And a female rat is called a "Doe." You can also call female/male bunny/rabbit a doe/buck.

Bunnies reproduce by having sex. It does not take even 5 seconds before the buck(male bunny) has passed on the sperm to the doe(female bunny).Rabbits reproduce by the means of reproducing.

A baby rabbit is called: a kit, a kitten or a bunny The adult female is a DOE The adult male is called a BUCK

Yes! If you cannot spend a lot of time with your bunny, get them a companion. Before you do this, make sure your bunny is spayed/neutered. Try to get their companion from a shelter. If you have a younger rabbit, I'm sure old buck would be good for him/her.

Yes, you can breed any breed of rabbit to any other breed, but it is not recommended. If you plan on cross breeding, always ensure the doe is bigger than the buck, or that they are about the same size. A very large buck bred to a dwarf doe can lead to large kits which the doe may have trouble kindling and can result in the kits or the mother dying.

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no he is not he lays eggs

Curious? My bunnies are both very curious an like too escape and hide.

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