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The bullet train runs on regular track - no floating.

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Q: What is a bullet train how it differs from a maglev train?
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Why is the bullet train built?

So it is quicker to get around. Oh and if you think a bullet train is fast look up the maglev train!

Where is the bullet train in china?

There are several bullet train services in China. One of them is the Maglev, between Shanghai Pudong Airport and the Metro system.

Maximum speed of a bullet train?

the maximum speed for a train is the maglev in japan 581 km/h

Which trains do not have wheels?

Bullet train(dubai)These are known as MagLev trains. For Magnetic Levitation.

What is the principle that bullet train work on?

The principle with which the bullet train works is the Magnetic Levitation. U can see the following link to know more about it.

Why is the maglev train called the maglev train?

maglev is short for Magnetic Levitation.

How much does a maglev train cost?

The maglev train costs nearly twice the cost of conventional train.

What is the Difference between maglev train and bullet train?

Bullet train runs over a standard rails (high speed due to its body design) maglve just floats above the specially designed rails (works by the magnetic levitation principle)

Which goes faster a regular train or a maglev train?

maglev, by at least 100 mph.

What type of train uses magnets?

The maglev train floats over its track using an electromagnet. Maglev trains have managed speeds in excess of 370mph. A model of the maglev train uses two permanent magnets to get the model to float over the track.Describe how the magnets must be arranged to get the model Maglev Train to float.

Does Italy have Maglev train?


What is the weight of the maglev train?

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