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You might have a little bit of infection where you had your ear pierced. If it doesn't hurt the infection has probably finished and you are just left with the dead white cells and bacteria. If it hurts you may still have the infection in there. Sometimes if you take the earring out you can massage the lump out. If you can't and it is not unsightly, just leave it alone and your body will get rid of it eventually.

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Q: What is a bump or cartilage lump coming out from the back of your earlobe where your ear is pierced snf your earring hole goes through this lump and is hard snf how do you heal it?
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Does a cartilage piercing hurt more than an earlobe piercing?

Of course it would. They earlobe is a soft price of cartilage and is easy to pull and stretch, but a cartilage piercing would go through a very hard, almost bone-like, peice of cartilage.

Why wont your earring go all the way through your earlobe?

it could mean that your earlobe is growing back. In fact, that is more than likely what it is.

Can you wear earrings for pierced ears if you don't have pierced ears?

No,because you need the little holes from getting your ears pierced for the earring to go through.

Can you have a belly button piercing in the Air Force?

"Members are prohibited from attaching, affixing or displaying objects, articles, jewelry or ornamentation to or through the ear, nose, tongue, or any exposed body part (includes visible through the uniform). EXCEPTION: Women are authorized to wear one small spherical, conservative, diamond, gold, white pearl, or silver pierced, or clip earring per earlobe and the earring worn in each earlobe must match. Earring should fit tightly without extending below the earlobe. (EXCEPTION: Connecting band on clip earrings.)"So basically, whether you're on or off duty, you can't have a piercing or tat that shows. From what I can tell you could keep your belly button piercing- EXCEPT they might make you take it out for boot camp... they're really strict there...but if you wanted to get it pierced, or re-pierced after then you should be good :)

Can you gauge your ear cartilage?

From what I know, have your cartilage already pierced before you try to gage it. I pierced my own, then once it healed i put a 14 gauge through it. It didn't really hurt but pinched a little.

Is earring a noun?

Yes, earring is a noun, a singular, common noun. Earring is a compound noun comprised of the word 'ear' and 'ring', meaning an ornament for the ear usually clipped onto the lope or fastened through a hole pierced in the lobe.

Weird lump on my earlobe?

I have this weird lump inside my earlobe. My ears are pierced and the earring still goes through. you cant notice it from just looking you have to touch it. its really quite big and it moves a round a little bit. it hurts a bit when i squeeze it, is yours anything like this? sorry for not answering you its just i am actually getting worried now like what if its a tumour if you can get them in your ear, i dunno i am just really worried. I am a 13 year old girl.

How do Post earrings differ from stud earrings?

They are the same thing, both names are used to identify the same piece of jewellery. A post earring is one that has a post that goes through the ear, usually secured with a butterfly, as opposed to a wire, which is generally longer and more flexible. A stud earring is an earring design that sits on the ear lobe as opposed to a drop type earring which hangs from the lobe, or a hoop earring that incorporates the fastening as part of the earring. So, to sum up, a post is one of the ways in which an earring is designed to go through the pierced hole of the ear lobe and a stud earring is a style of earring.

Where are Shikamaru's Earrings?

Shikamaru wears one earring in each earlobe. They have changed through the years. He wore one set that was given to him for completing training with Team Asuma. In Shippuden, he switched over to basic studs.

What is the part of the earring that you put through your ear?

The part of the earring that goes through your ear is called "the post".

Does getting your helix pierced hurt?

Well sure it does. I have mine pierced, cartilage piercings tend to hurt a bit worse than lobe or skin piercings due to all of the nerves and blood vessels that run through cartilage. It's really not that bad though, after a few weeks it didn't even hurt to sleep on it, for me.

Will a pierced ear pierced 4 weeks ago close up if the earring is out for 4 hours?

It can....because the ear isnt used to it being pierced,and it still needs time to get used to something there.but it all depends on how fast you heal.As soon as you can get your hands on earrings .....that are clean,put them through the holes gently and wiggle it around abit. And preferrably always wear keep your pierced ears pierced :)

Does a bridge piercing go through the bone or just the skin?

Just the skin. No piercings really go through bone, and the only cartilage piercings are through the ears (not the septum like most people think)It would be very difficult to get a tiny needle through bone. Answer Bridge piercings are just through the skin, septum piericngs can be pierced throught the flesh AND the cartilage. oh and the bridge is made of cartilage.

How do you put in an industrial earring?

What I do is that I get petroleum jelly and out it on the holes where the piercing was pierced, in order for the jewelry to slide in painlessly. Get one end of the jewelry and slide it through both holes, then tighten the ball.

Does the septum get pierced through the cartilage?

No it doesn't get pierced through the cartilage. I actually had a woman come in with a septum piercing that was done by a so called "body mods artist", the piercing was done through the cartilage and was causing all sorts of issues for the lady. Piercing the cartilage is actually dangerous in that area and more subject to possible infection. The actual piercing is between the exteriour meatus and the physical cartilage, the web between these structures is only the thickness of a dime, this is the area the piercing should be placed. Any other location and the piercing is done incorrectly. Do your research and be sure your piercing is done by an actual "professional body piercer" working in a licensed and inspected facility (not a kitchen on a Saturday night).

If you have thick cartilage in your nose will it hurt when you get it pierced?

Nose piercings generally hurt regardless of the thickness of the cartilage, due to the fact the tear ducts are connected to the nose too. But it may take a bit longer, than someone who has thin cartilage, since the piercer has to push through a few more layers.

How can you wear your earring?

Well of course you can wear ot through your ear whole but if ur ears arnt pierced then I think either you should get your ears pierced which only throbs for a little after wards but If u don't wanna you should make it into a ring for ur finger hope I helped

How do you get your ears pierced?

you go to a store like clairs or the icing and ask may i please get my ears pierced then you pick out a pair they use a gun and press it the earring goes through then you have to keep them in for 6 weeks while cleaning them out with acholYou go to Walmart or Claire's or a store similar that does ear piercing and pay for the stuff and sit in a chair and get them pierced. I recommend Claire's.

What ear do straight girls wear 1 earring in?

The whole, left ear gay, right ear straight has pretty much slipped through the cracks of time. For the most part, women have predominately worn both ears pierced. If you want to do just one ear, there is no meaning behind just having one ear pierced. Pick an ear and put a whole in it! I would suggest that if you are just going to pierce one ear, have fun with it, and do multiple piercings in it. Example is to do like an industrial, or multiple cartilage piercings up the side. Something to make it look intentional so people are not asking if you lost an earring.

How old do you have to be to get your cartilage pierced from Claires?

If you are under 18 a parent or guardian will need to sign some papers and be present when you get the piercings. You must be at least 13 to get your cartilage pierced regardless of a parent's consent. -DO NOT GET IT FROM CLAIRE'S ... claire's pierce with a gun , &if that shatters your cartilage, your gonna go through ALOOOOOT of pain &it causes alot. &your supposed to pierce it with a needle, it wont get infected as easy.

Can you get your ear cartilage pierced at Claire's?

While Claire's does perform helix (upper ear cartilage fold) piercings, they use a piercing gun. Guns basically shove a dull stud through your ear and are not suitable for cartilage piercings, or any piercing for that matter. I suggest you see a professional piercer who will use a needle. It's better for your ear.

How do they pierce the cartilage on an ear?

When you have the top of your ear pierced (cartilage) then you are meant to have it done with a needle. You are supposed to have it done with a sterilized needle NOT a gun. If you have it pierced with a gun there is a higher risk it will become infected. When you have it done with a needle all they do is clamp you ear. So you don't feel the pain and then they put the needle through. You can't really feel anything as your ear is clamped. Then they put the earring in your ear. If you were thinking of having your ear pierced at the top i would think of how much pain you can tolerate. It hurts more than a normal ear piercing. It doesn't really hurt in the healing process (Which i was told could be anything up to 6 months) but it only hurts if you bang it. If you bang it then it may hurt for the next day. But it only aches. But i never regretted having mine done its great.

How do Africans stretch their ear lobes?

Stretching is carried out in stages, starting with smaller pieces of metal jewellery or other obejects pierced through the earlobe, gradually getting bigger over long periods so not as to damage the skin and create scar tissue.

Does numbing the ear lobe with ice before getin it pierced stop the pain?

no, it's just a waste of time either way its going to be sore afterwards but the earlobe doesnt hurt that much to pierce just push it through in one shot its really not that bad

What is clip earrings?

Clip earrings are for those who do not have pierced ears. Instead of placing a backing through the hole, there is a bracket on the earring that connects the front and back and it, literally, clips into place. Pretend a clam shell was the earring. The top shell would be in the front, your ear lobe would be in the center and the bottom of the shell would be in the back holding it from falling off. Hope this was helpful...

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