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What is the title of cabinet members of Canada?

it is the i don't know title for the cabinet members

What title is given to cabinet members?


Title of some members of the president's cabinet?


Title of cabinet members in Canada?

The title of the Cabinet members in Canada is Minister. There is the Minister of Justice Attorney General for Canada, Minister of Health, and Minister of industry, to name a few.

What is the title of most of the people who are members of the President's cabinet?

The Secretary of ....

The title of most cabinet members is?

Mr./Madam Secretary

What are the members of the president cabinet called?

Except for Attorney General who heads Justice, the cabinet members have the title of Secretary of whatever department they head.

How did the the title cabinet members come about?

Because at first the president would meet with his advisor's in the white house kitchen hence then name cabinet members.

What is the title of most cabinet members?

Most cabinet member have the title of Secretary of [whatver department]. The sole exception is the Attorney General of the United States who heads the Justice Department.

Cabinet member's title?

cabinet member's title

What is the title of the US cabinet members?

Hillary Clintion - Secretary of State Robert Gates - Secretary of Defence

Who nominates the members of the cabinet?

The President nominates the members of his cabinet.

How do cabinet members receive their office?

cabinet members are political appointees.

What is the salary of the us cabinet members?

what is the current salary of the cabinet members

How many cabinet members are there now?

there are 538 cabinet members What! No Way!

Who are Jimmy Carter's cabinet members?

Who were Jimmy Carter's cabinet members

How many cabinet members does Obama have?

Obama has 15 cabinet members

What is the executive branch of our government?

The president, the cabinet, and departments under the cabinet membersthe president, the Cabinet, and departments under the cabinet members

What are Canadian cabinet members called?

Members of the Canadian Cabinet are called Cabinet ministers (not all ministers necessarily sit in Cabinet).

Chester a Arthur's cabinet members?

who was chesters key members of hid cabinet

Who elects the members of the Cabinet?

Members of the cabinet are appointed by the President and The Senate confirms them.

How do you use cabinet members in a sentence?

i have lots of b****ing cabinet members.

What is the number of members in the UAE's cabinet?

There are a total of 24 members in the U.A.E cabinet. :)

Who appointes cabinet members?

The president with the approval of the Senate appoints cabinet members.

Who apoints cabinet members?

The executive branch is responsible for appointing all cabinet members.