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The common names for a cable tie is a zip tie or tie-wrap. A cable tie gun is used to place the cable tie around something and cut the excess part all in one motion. There is one available at Harbor Freight Tools.

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Q: What is a cable tie gun used for?
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What is a cable tie?

A cable tie is a type of fastener used to bind several electronic cables together.

What kind of equipment could someone purchase at Cable Ties Direct?

The type of equipment that one can purchase from Cable Ties Direct are: Standard, Specialty, Cable Tie Gun, Stainless Steel Cable Ties, Adhesive Cable Tie Mounts and Releasable Cable Ties.

What is the Blue cell Cable Tie used for?

It is used to tie cables together, nothing more.

What is a cable tie tool used for?

A cable tie tool is used for fastening electric cables and wires and helps organize. They are used to keep them together in bulk to prevent messy wires and cables.

Differfnce between cable tag cable tie?

A tag identifies the cable, a tie holds it in place.

Where can one find reviews on cable tie guns?

There are many places where you can find some reviews on cable tie guns. One of the places is on the website Amazon. If you need to find a review, look for cable tie guns there and find the reviews for them.

Stainless Steel Cable Tie GunTools?

The Cable Tie Gun quickly tensions and cuts off excess strap without leaving a sharp protrusion that can cause snags, cuts, and abrasions to cables, hoses, products, and users. Features: a . Heavy duty strength provides quick cable tie cutting. b. Ergonomic design only requires several squeezes for easy usage. c. Convenient size and shape allows for use in hard to reach places. d. Clean cutting edge prevents dangerously sharp cable tie ends. e. Unique design delivers easy and effortless storage and transportation.

What is the most dependable brand of cable ties?

Cable ties are usually measured on their dependabiliy, and the key metric in this assessment is the life span of a cable tie. Cables R us makes the highest rated cable tie, with an average life span of 5 years.

How do you restrict the Internet on computers in a network?

I tie a small tie-wrap around the center of the cable and pull tightly.

How do you fix a broken ATV fender?

Atv fenders are generally plastic, use epoxy and fiber-glass for the repair. I prefer the cable tie stitch together method, drill small holes on each side of the crack and tie with the cable tie not pretty but very functional

How do you remove the rear Chevy bow tie emblem on a 2006 cobalt?

I used a heat gun. Carefully peel off and then clean off residue and polish. I used a heat gun. Carefully peel off and then clean off residue and polish.

Where can you learn more about cable ties?

You can learn more about cable ties if you go to the Home Depot and ask a worker there about cable ties. They will bring you to the cable tie section and explain what they do and which ones are best.