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A casual link is a link of informal, or less than formal nature. Not to be confused with 'causal' link.
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What is casual forecasting?

Casual forecasting is mainly concerned with finding a cause-effect relationship between the explanatory variables and the variable to be predicted. After a proper relationship is identified the independent variable can be forecasted by using the future values of the explanatory variables.

What is the value for casual pi?

22/7*4/3.99999=3.142865.. I'm afraid that isn't always correct-Scientific calculators say that pi is 3.141592653589793238 (Note: that is only the first few digits and many people round it off at 3.14 or 3.142) but it is one of the most common errors people make when trying to find pi.

How do you link?

I think it is about HTML or hyperlink to connect a word or group of words to connect to another source on internet. Use this tag Link text All in small letters

Who is link?

link is a person.

What is Casual Research?

It is the testing of a hypothesis on the cause and effect within a given market. . Casual Research explores the effect of one thing on another and more specifically, the effect of one variable on another. The research is used to measure what impact a specific change will have on existing norms an ( Full Answer )

What is casual labor?

Casual labor is a term that is commonly used to describe workersthat perform a variety of services. These services are usually on apart time or temporary basis.

What is upscale casual dress code?

The upscale casual dress code depends with the occasion. An upscaledress code for women would be simple cotton or khaki skirts in aclassic style paired with a nice blouse.

Samples of casual leave?

Casual leave is just like sick leave during a job. It is time offfrom work where you are not being paid for your absence at work butalso not being punished.

What is the definition of casual worker?

A casual worker is an employee who get less than full or part timestatus. It would be considered an occasional or temporary employee.

End a casual relationship?

well if you wou like to be polite then just say bye :) But if you would like to be nasty then, well tell them to f**** Off Michelle ^^

What is 'casual dining'?

The term "casual dining" refers to a type of restaurant. A meal ata casual dining restaurant is usually modestly priced and can oftenbe served buffet-style.

What is casual clothing?

Casual is what you normally wear everyday. Not too dressy, but it doesn't look like you've been sleeping in a barn for a week. It isn't a suit.

What is Dressy casual?

Dressy casual is really determined by the person wearing it. Dressycasual style can include a dressy top and jeans, a dress, or apants suit.

What is casual dress?

There are three distinct forms of "dress" (dressing): formal, dressy, and casual. In the past, these 3 distinct forms were easier to figure out because there were only those three types. Formal remains basically the same now as in years past. Formal wear are clothes you'd wear to a wedding, a pro ( Full Answer )

What is a casuality of war?

The casualties of war are things or people that are lost. A loss of a military or civilian life, as well as the loss of perspective, loss of moral code, or code of honor is my perception of the term.

What is casual elegant?

well casual is just like a good pair of pants and shirt. and elegant is when you put on a nice dress, or good skirt or top

What is casual income?

Casual income means such income the receipt of which is accidentaland without any stipulation.It is the nature of an unexpectedwindfall.

Are hooligans casual?

From their point of view no, they are not. There are many types of fans of sports clubs and so called "hooligans" and casuals are two different ones. Casuals are usually not involved in riots on stadiums etc. and rather use the approach to blend in with "civilians" so they can get undetected by the ( Full Answer )

What is a casual crowd?

It could be seen in streets, on roads, in markets, on railway stations etc. it is mostely purposesless and has no particular aim.

What is a sentence with casually in it?

Please have your child dress casually for the picnic as we'll be outside for most of the day.. For four days of the week he wears a business suit, but on Fridays he dresses very casually.

What is casual logic?

My source Avi Sion explains : Causality refers to causal relations, i.e. the relations between causes and effects. This generic term has various, more specific meanings. It may refer to Causation, which is deterministic causality; or to Volition, which is (roughly put) indeterministic causality; o ( Full Answer )

What is casual listening?

Causal Listening Causal listening, the most common, consists of listening to a sound in order to gather information about its cause (or source). When the cause is visible, sound can provide supplementary information about it; for example, the sound produced by an enclosed container when ( Full Answer )

What is a casual friend?

A friendship in which there is no physical intimacy. Caution: Based on the answer above, it's important not to confuse casual dating with casual friendship. I was meeting a lady for dancing several times a week for a couple of months. We also went out for drinks and dinner before or after dancing. ( Full Answer )

What is a casual acquaintance?

Some one you know but not on a deep level. You see them once and a while and chat but never make plans to actually spend quality time together

What is Casual Shirts?

Casual shirts emphasize comfort and personal experience over presentation and uniformity. It is a way to express our personalities. It can be fun instead of boring. Casual shirts include dress shirts, polo, sweaterset, etc.

Casual in a sentence?

They are in a casual relationship, it's not serious. I decided to dress casual on Friday.

What are some places to get a casual dress?

Hollister debenhams next abercrombie&fitch peacock and other places, if it helps type in on google 'casual dresses', you might find some things that way?! Hope this is what you were looking for! (BTW, some of these places may be expensive) :D

How many casualities or fatalities were on the Titanic?

1500 people died. 715 lived. Most of the people who died, died from exposure to the cold icy water of the North Atlantic. Hypothermia was the cause of most people's death in the Titanic disaster.

What is a casual video game?

A "casual game" is a game that can be played by anyone, the gameplay simple to grasp, but it is called casual because people who play games such as CoD:MW, HALO 3 and other action-y games find these games slow paced and boring, thus they christened them "casual games." a few examples are: mario ( Full Answer )

What is the casualities of the American Civil War?

The casualties of the American Civil War were the highest of any war that America has ever fought in. Out of 2.4 million soldiers, 620,000 were killed in the war. 360,000 of them were Union soldiers, while the other 260,000 were from the Confederacy. However, even the death rate was extremely high, ( Full Answer )

What does going casual mean?

Not taking things seriously. However, going casual can have different meaning under different circumstances e.g. it can also mean casual activity-activity without pre meditation or planning.

Do Reynolds casuals have BPA?

i recently purchased the Reynold's 25 cups 1.6 gal square container. .unfortunately it doesn't seal..i had salad all over...

What is best bike for casual riding?

I'd go with a hybrid. To me that'd be the perfect mix of usefulness and comfort. so-caleld cruiser bikes might be a tad more comfortable, but at the cost of too much performance in case you'd occasionally would want to ride up a hill somewhere.

Are shorts runway casual?

Short runways are sometimes used in fashion shows but it does not necessarily mean it casual. Smaller markets and venues may use shorter runways due to budget and/or size limitations.

What part of speech is casually?

Adverb- tells how something is done (many words are an adjective, but you add the -ly and it changes it to an adverb.)

What to wear to a backyard casual wedding?

A backyard wedding, although it might be more casual than other weddings, should still be thought of as a wedding. For women, a short simple summer type dress with sandals and for men, khakis & a short sleeve shirt are appropiate.

What is a ''link''?

Link is a character in the legend of Zelda games he has green clothes, a hat and a master sword usually.

What is casual clobber?

Casual Clobber is high-end designer athletic and casual wear that is popular amongst British and European football (soccer) fans. It is especially associated with football hooliganism. The style emerged as a means of camouflage as police and and rival supporters were suspicious of people wearing clu ( Full Answer )

What is casual reading?

casual reading is identified as a practice to have an offhand view of the writing and running through the text in a relaxing way.

Why is HIV not spread by casual contact?

There are several reasons why HIV can not transfer from casual contact; first being during casual contact no body fluids are being transferred; second only certain body fluids can transfer the virus (such as blood and genital secretions), and third the virus can not live outside the body for very lo ( Full Answer )

What is busniess casual?

Formal dress but not a suit. Like khakis and a nice shirt with a collar.

What does linking do?

A linking verb acts as an equals sign: the object of the verb is a different form of the subject (Mary is my sister. Mary=sister) or the subject becomes the object (Mary's feet got wet. feet->wet).

What does casually mean?

The term usually means in an indirect or nonchalant manner, not done in an obvious or concerted way. It can also mean in a relaxed or laid back manner. Examples : She casually examined the watch, not wanting to show how much she wanted it. He casually strolled past the girls for the third tim ( Full Answer )

What is casual religion?

For my family (christian/ Baptist) it just means we don't go to church every Sunday and don't practice every law in the bible. We believe if you have God in your heart and beliefs you don't need to forbid yourself from eating lobster for example. (We also support gay rights.)

Is this how you spell casual?

Yes, the word casual means informal, or relaxed. The similar word causal means acting as a cause orinfluence.

How do you ask her out casually?

Just go for it. Walk up to her, tell her that you would like to talk to her, and ask her. It is really easy. Be confident but not cocky. Girls like confidence. From there, it's up to her. Good Luck!

What is a casual sentence?

it is used with very close friends and family is known as theintimate level of writing.