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a celebrity is a person who's famous.

like Hannah Montana or Miley Cyrus. Another is Carrie Underwood. And Taylor Swift.

They are people who sing like famous and are rich.

They are also people like they are best-known to people.

Theses people above are HOT


LOTS of people know about Hannah Montana.

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Q: What is a celebrity?
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French word for 'celebrity'?


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Where can you find a movie you were in?

Why are you a celebrity?Oh my God your a celebrity!

Is Shakira's boyfriend a celebrity?

He looks like a celebrity... ;)

What are the celebrity rights?

There are no special or specific rights for celebrity.

why do people pretend to be a celebrity?

to get famous

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There isn't a word that rhymes perfectly with celebrity. However, try a synonym of celebrity and try rhyming that word. Integrity? Nothing rhymes exactly with celebrity.

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The celebrity hosted a benefit for the National Cancer Society.Here is celebrity in a sentence: Artists use their celebrity to help people less fortunate.