What is a cent planchet?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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This what the penny is struck on. See the link below for a picture of a cent planchet.

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Q: What is a cent planchet?
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What is the value of a 1941 error wheat cent that is silver or nickel but not copper?

It likely has been plated, but it's possible it may be a wrong planchet error meaning a dime planchet some how got mixed in with the 1 cent planchets. I suggest having a dealer or collector assess the coin.

What value for 1935 D wheat penny non copper?

It may be a wrong planchet error ( 1 cent coin struck on dime planchet) but I doubt it, take it to a dealer or collector to make sure.

How much is an unstamped cent worth?

$1 or so if it's a current copper-plated zinc planchet, $2 or $3 if it's an older planchet made of solid bronze. A zinc planchet will weigh 2.5 gm while a solid bronze one will weigh 3.11 gm.

What is the value of a us 1cent blank?

A 1 cent 'blank' (planchet): 95% copper is worth $3.00, a plated zinc is worth $1.50.

Is the uncirculated Philadelphia treasury penny worth anything?

It's not a Penny it's a Mint medal struck on a 1 cent planchet and has no value

How much is a 1920 Canadian large cent stamped on a small cent planchet worth?

You will need to clarify some points in order to get an answer to your question. In 1920 there were two designs of cents made, small cent, and large cent. Both of them are around the one dollar mark unless they are a very high grade. Now, if indeed you have a Large cent design, struck on a small cent planchet, then I would suggest you join a site where you can post a photo and let some experts look at your coin. I have never seen a large cent struck on a different planchet before, so I have an inkling it could be very valuable if it is indeed legitimate. I will suggest you stop by a website (such as the one listed further down this page, under Related Links) where pictures can be posted. There are several members there quite educated in this series and perhaps they will be able to give you a better idea on the value after you post a picture.

Would any coin dealer like to purchase a legitimate one cent coin blank that was never struck at the mint?

Yes, if they believe that it is in fact a real planchet

What is the value of a double sided blank quarter with no ridges on the side?

Blank quarter planchet; Silver planchet-$35.00 compound planchet-$4.00

What is a silver 1983 D Lincoln penny worth?

If you spend $40 to have it certified as an error (minted on a zinc planchet without the copper plating), it may bring $15. Otherwise, it's worth 1 cent. These unfinished planchet error coins generally sell for 50 cents to a dollar at coin shows.

How do you call Issac newton in a planchet?

you'll have to wait for him to go home, the reception in a planchet is abysmal

1989 D Lincoln cent that appears to be pure zinc No copper coating Is this a US Mint mistake?

It could be a planchet flaw or it may have been altered. Take to a dealer or collector for an assessment.

What is the value of a good condition cent with a D mint mark?

What date? Denver has struck cents for over a century. Or do you have a cent planchet with just a big "D" on it? These little medals were placed in US mint sets to fill the sixth space in the package for several years when only 5 denominations were minted and have no numismatic value.