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A change agent is an event, organisation, material thing or, more usually, a person that acts as a catalyst for change. In business terms, a change agent is a person chosen to bring about organisational change. Corporations often hire senior managers or even chief executives because of their aboility to effect change.

Use in a sentence - Mr. Farnsworth is considered a change agent for his organization.

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Q: What is a change agent?
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Agent of change antonym?

There is no clear antonym listed in thesaurus but it could be reverse agent.

What does the term agent of changes mean?

An agent of change is someone or some thing that facilitates change of some sort.

What are the roles of a trainer as a change agent?


Briefly describe the role of the change agent in the Organizational Development change process?

The change agent in organizational development serves as a catalyst for transformation, facilitating and guiding the change process. They assess the organization's needs, identify areas for improvement, and develop strategies for implementing change initiatives. The change agent communicates the vision for change, engages stakeholders, and builds consensus among employees. They provide support, resources, and training to help individuals adapt to new ways of working. Additionally, the change agent monitors progress, addresses resistance, and makes adjustments as needed to ensure successful implementation of organizational change. Overall, their role is pivotal in driving positive change and fostering organizational growth.

Agent that induces change in chromosome?

mutagen: ionizing radiation or chemicals, can also be called a mutagenic agent.

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What is the greatest change agent of erosion?

Moving water

Why is Ben Carson important?

because he a change agent

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Internal and external factor that affects change?

Change agents affect change in and outside of the organization. A change agent can be a manager, or they can be the government.

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