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A change agent is an event, organisation, material thing or, more usually, a person that acts as a catalyst for change. In business terms, a change agent is a person chosen to bring about organisational change. Corporations often hire senior managers or even chief executives because of their aboility to effect change.

Use in a sentence - Mr. Farnsworth is considered a change agent for his organization.

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Q: What is a change agent?
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Briefly describe the role of the change agent in the Organizational Development change process?

role of a change agent

What term describes an agent in the environment that can change dna?

An agent that can change DNA is a mutagen.

Can a low level employee be a change agent?

Yes, any employee can be a change agent within the organization. To be a change agent one must find something they are passionate about and encourage the organization to make the changes.

What does the term agent of changes mean?

An agent of change is someone or some thing that facilitates change of some sort.

What are the roles of a trainer as a change agent?


Agent that induces change in chromosome?

mutagen: ionizing radiation or chemicals, can also be called a mutagenic agent.

Internal and external factor that affects change?

Change agents affect change in and outside of the organization. A change agent can be a manager, or they can be the government.

What is a major agent of change on earth's surface?


An agent that can cause a change in DNA is called a?


An agent that can cause a change in DNA is called?


Why is Ben Carson important?

because he a change agent

Any agent that causes a change in DNA?


What agent can cause a change in DNA?

X rays

What is the greatest change agent of erosion?

Moving water

It is true or false that energy is the agent of change?


What is an agent that causes change in the activity of a structure?


Agent that causes change in the activity of a structure?


What does the term 'change agent' refer to in business?

In business, a "Change Agent" is someone who is brought in to bring about a change in the organization. This is usually a senior role within the organization like a senior manager or even a CEO (Chief Executive Officer).

What are the ratings and certificates for Enlightened - 2011 Agent of Change 2-8?

Enlightened - 2011 Agent of Change 2-8 is rated/received certificates of: Netherlands:12

How do you change my travel date in gulf airways?

You phone your agent, or Gulf Airways and change whatever.

What means someone or something that acts or effects change?


What is a gradual agent of change of the Earth's surface?

weathering and erosion.

What are examples of mutagens?

any agent that can cause the DNA to change...

Importance of change agent?

Change agents help promote change in organizations. Change agents can be internal or external to the organization. Sometimes change can happen as a result of an event.

What does flux mean?

Better from your dictionary, but generally a change between two states, or an agent to accomplish such a change.

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