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The cherub is in the graveyard (outside the house on the right side)

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Q: What is a cherub in poptropica?
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Were does the cherub cry in poptropica?

at the statue of the women

Where is the cherub that cries in poptropica?

go to the haunted house that u by with poptropican credits and the biggest statue is the cherub that cries

What is the cherb in Poptropica?

The cherub is the statue above a grave on the Haunted House Mini-Quest on Poptropica.

On Poptropica where is the cherub?

Where the crying angel is.Right above the mad tree.

On poptropica on the haunted house what is the cherub?

Go to the attic ( middle floor room on the right in the top right corner) and the chest at the very end will have the cherub in it

Why does the cherub cry on Poptropica?

It is a statue in the graveyard in the Haunted House mini-game. The "crying cherub" (angel) is a reference to the Case of the Crying Cherub, an episode of the Perry Mason TV series from 1960, starring Raymond Burr.

Where is the cherub on poptropica's Haunted House?

It is outside of Haunted House to the right, the crying statue in the graveyard.

What is the cherub on Poptropica?

it is the bush outside the haunted house right by the crying angel also by the mad tree

Where does the cherub cry in haunted house Poptropica?

It means the tombstone of the girl, crying, in the graveyard. There is a hole by the statue that you can go down into. (It wasn't there before.)where is the cherub in the haunted house in poptropica

What do you do with the cherub on poptropica's Haunted House?

The ghost cat tells you to take the 4 treasures to "where the cherub cries", which refers to the statue of the crying girl in the graveyard. You should find a hole just to the right of the tombstone.

Where is the cherub in Poptropica?

When you first come out of the grave, there is a statue of a crying girl. There will be a hole beside her. Go into it. You can only do this after finding all the items.

Where can you find the cherub crys in poptropica?

go to the hunted house that you can buy for 0 credits go left and you will see a lady that is cring (it is a statue)

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