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Feed the pet(s).

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Q: What is a chore you can do around the house every day of the week?
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Does the sink get clean in your house?

yes every other week by the house cleaners that come every other week

What is the allowance for a 11 year old?

he/she should be receiving about $20 every week. I agree that any child 11 years and up should get around $20.00 a week. My son gets $16 dollars a week. My daughter gets $1.25 every chore she does and she is 10 years old. Twenty dollars a week is a good allowance for a child around 12. My Son gets twenty dollars a week for cleaning his room, doing his laundry, putting away the dishes, taking out and bringing in the trash, and shoveling when needed.

Is it okay if you go to your boyfriends house every week?


How much excerside does a 6 week old puppy need?

A run around the garden or house every day will be fine and short walks every few days!! xx

How do you earn 40.00 every week at your house?

By doing chores at home

When does the new Fullmetal Alchemist episode come out?

Around every week

How do you convince your parents to let you highlight your hair?

You can tell them to give you an amount of money every week as in allowance for doing chores around the house and then try to save it up or just do chores around the house for a certain amout of days and let them pay for it.. hope it helped

How do you use upkeep in a sentence?

Every week he gave his mother some money for the upkeep of the house.

How much water is used in a house each year?

We use about 1000 litters of water every week

Is it correct to say Every Friday Week?

No. It would be better to say: every week on Friday the Friday of every week the week beginning every Friday

How many people watch criminal minds?

Around 14.0 watchers every week.

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No. It spins around every 24 hours and approximately 4 minutes.

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