What is a chronograph movement as apposed to an automatic or quartz movement?

Typically, "Chronograph" does not describe the movement of a watch, but rather the "complication" of a watch's movement. A watch's complication is anything that provides advanced functionality, such as moon-phase display or perpetual calendar. In this case, "Chronograph" refers to a watch that is capable of stopwatch functionality in addition to timekeeping. Usually this is built into three separate dials for hours, minutes, and seconds. Such a watch can have any movement type (automatic, quartz), and can also have several complications at once. Note that digital watches with stopwatch functionality are considered "digital chronographs", and there is also the "analog-digital chronograph". Some online retailers confuse complications with the actual movement (putting "chronograph" for the movement), so further research should be done to determine whether the watch actually uses quartz or automatic movement.