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The term defines itself- a marriage ceremony- which is considered to be a sacrament in the Catholic Church- Matrimony- performed in a church building- with all of the appropriate ecclesiastical trappings- as distinct from some other types of weddings, as those held outdoors in parks or gardens ( problems arise with a- weather, and B. maintaining the proper sacerdotal ( sacred,priestly) atmosphere- also there are problems as it is not a church and is not on consecrated grounds. In theory , one could use a cemtery- which is, but that would be way off-base.

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Marriage by the church as opposed to a civil(secular) marriage.

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Q: What is a church wedding?
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Is it ok to kiss at church?

If you are the bride and groom of the wedding at the church...

What location was the wedding in American wedding?

St Vincent Catholic Church

What are people that decorate church and reception called at wedding?

If you hire someone then they are called 'wedding planners' and take care of the flowers; the church; decorations at the reception and the dinner or buffet for the wedding.

Can we have two weddings?

You can have one civil wedding and one church wedding . This is not to garner more gifts, but for practical purposes, you may have to marry legally before you can afford or plan a church wedding and reception.

Is a wedding chapel a better setting for a small family wedding than a large church?

Whether or not a wedding chapel is a better setting for a small family wedding than a large church is really a matter of preference. Chapel weddings tend more cozy and casual than large church weddings.

Where an Christian wedding takes place?

at church

Is a church wedding necessary?

No, a church wedding is not necessary. The couple can be married by a Justice of the Peace; in a Chapel (just the two of you and resided over by a Minister or Pastor.)

Is civil wedding much better than church wedding?

Sorry Charlie- or Charlotte. the Catholic Church requires , as they deem Matrimony a Sacrament- all Nuptial ceremonies must be performed in a Church, hence Church wedding. This is one of many protocols that is, in this case almost literally etched in stone- the stone of the Church columns and foundations. :Look at the hymn- the Church is one foundation, for example.

Why did Prince William face the alter not the aisle at his wedding?

That is the usual procedure for a church wedding in the UK.

May you have a Catholic wedding service in a Church of England?

No, a Catholic wedding is a sacrament and, by canon law, must be celebrated in a Church that has been consecrated by a Catholic Bishop.

Can a Catholic attend a wedding in the Church of England?


What is the wedding room in a church?

its where weddings take place