What is a class a bulkhead on a ship?

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A class A bulkhead on a ship is:
A wall, floor, or ceiling which is designed to prevent smoke and flame from passing through it for at least 60 minutes.
Also it must be suitably insulated so that the average temperature of the side not exposed to fire does not rise more than 139 degrees C (282 degrees F) above the original temperature, within 60 minutes.

Simply put, no smoke or fire can pass through it for at least 60 minutes, and it must be able to prevent a substantial transfer of heat through it for 60 minutes.
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What is the bulkhead on a ship?

The bulkhead on a ship is a structure that separates sections ofthe ship. This structure makes each section water tight and looksbasically like a wall.

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The bulkheads are the walls within the ship that separate the different rooms or compartments. Bulkheads are designed to block fire and water from going to other compartments.

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