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What is a closed loop system?

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A control system that appears to be self-regulating. Closed-loop systems employ feedback and a reference of correctness (norm or set point). Deviations from the norm are detected and corrections made in order to maintain a desired state in the system. Closed loop systems provide the homeostatic mechanism of many physiological functions (see negative-feedback) and also control some movement patterns, where feedback from proprioceptors and other receptors play an important part. Compare open-loop-system.

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Is washing machine is open loop or closed control system and why?

closed loop system

What is a close loop system?

A closed loop system is a system with a feedback loop that is considered to be active.

What about sensitivity of a closed loop system?

Sensitivity of a closed loop system for a change in the system gain is 1/(1+GH)

Why closed loop control system is much stable than open loop control system?

A Closed loop system basically will have a feedback which enables the rectification of the error in the main process,whereas it is not possible in an open loop system

What is positive feedback as applied to a closed loop control system?

Positive feedback as applied to closed loop control systems is when the closed loop gain is positive.

Does a fish have a open or closed circulatory system?

Fish have a closed-loop circulatory system

Is human open loop control system?

No, a human being is a closed loop control system.

Is Computerized Numerical Control machine open loop system or closed loop system?


What is the definition of open loop and closed loop?

With the open loop, the output is not directly connected to the input while with the closed loop system, the output is directly linked to the input.

Advantages and disadvantages of open loop control system?

Describe the advantages and disadvantages of open loop system and closed loop system?? open loop system hasn't feed back

Is an microwave and closed loop system?


Is temperature homeostasis in humans is an open-loop or close-loop system?

Any system that responds to the output of that system is a closed loop system. Since human body temperature is highly regulated to stay near 98.5 degrees F, it is a closed loop system.

Closed loop control?

The closed loop control refers to a system whereby an input forcing function is usually determined in part by the system response.

Is Human body open or closed loop control system?

human body is basically a mixture of open loop and closd loop system, all those actions where reflex actions come into picture, they make it a closed loop system and at some places it is open loop

Open loop and closed loop systems?

An open loop system bases input without taking into consideration any outside factors. A closed loop system will use other outside factors to determine its data.

What is the difference between finite open loop gain and closed loop gain?

In a closed loop system the gain without the feed back loop being closed is called open loop gain!!! e.g if forward gain is "A" and feed back factor is "B" then open loop gain is "AB" and closed loop gain will be [A/(A+B)]

Would a controlled designed closed or opened loop system enables better control of the system?

Open loop (single cycle) involves a break requiring a restart, easily adapted to closed loop.

What are closed and open loops in distribution systems?

A closed-loop system recirculates coolant to a mechanism which is returned back to the sump. An open-loop system disharges the coolant outside the system.

Does a puffer fish have an open or closed circulatory system?

Puffer fish have a closed-loop circulatory system

What are the disadvantages of closed loop systems?

its costly than open loop system and bulky, too.

Close loop system?

A "closed loop" system refers to a system that requires no outside intervention. Like the cooling system on a car or in simpler terms the radiator. The cooling system is a closed loop, the coolant is heated by the engine, pumped into the radiator where it cools off, then is cycled through the engine again.

What are the example of a closed loop control system?

air conditioner

What are the advantages of closed loop control system?

stability and repeatability

Is a tv remote an example of closed loop system?


Electric guitar control system is a closed-loop control system or not?

Yes it is