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What is a club Chorister?

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Gleeman.... from Glee Club choristers. At least it is the only thing I could come up with.

2007-06-30 15:17:26
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Q: What is a club Chorister?
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How do you use chorister in a sentence?

Julie really enjoyed singing, and has been head chorister at her local church for some years He had wanted to be a church chorister, or church organist.

What do you call a choir singer?

A chorister.

What is a choir member called?


What is the name of a singer of sacred songs?

psalmist, chorister

What word has the root word chor?

Chorister, for example.

What does chorister mean in spanish?

cantador corista clerizon

Who founded King's College?

henry 6 and i happen to be a chorister there!

Who founded king college chapel?

henry 6 and i happen to be a chorister there!

What do you call a female choir member?

Chorister is the general term for a choir member.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Choir - 2013?

The cast of The Choir - 2013 includes: Ally Ioannides as Chorister

Who is the leader of the church choir?

There are usually called either 'head choir boy' or 'head choir girl' or 'head chorister' or alternatively a Cantor.

When is tom cully's birthday?

The legendary chorister, Tom Cully, of the all-boy vocal group "Libera" was born on July 2, 1994.

Is rowan atkinson Jewish?

He attended Chorister School in Durham, England, which is a Christian school associated with Durham Cathedral. While this does not preclude him being Jewish, it is unlikely that he is. = =

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The cast of The Dawn Chorus - 2006 includes: Adriano Baptista as Chorister Craig DiFolco as Walking Wounded Michael DiGioia as Male Flight Attendant Robert Eigen as Rabbi Epstein Simon Feil as Daniel Raphael Fetta as Steve John Gemberling as Paramedic Keith Gerchak as Yitzi Henry Glovinsky as Lloyd Bukowski Julie Kessler as Female Flight Attendant Fredda Lomsky as Well-Dressed Lady Cayle Pietras as Chorister Jonathon Roessler as Chorister Dave Rosenberg as One-Armed Soldier Valerie Shusterov as Bonnie Bukowski Lisa Tarchak as Walking Wounded

What do you call a member of a choir?

Chorister. It can also be used to refer to the choir leader or director. A synonym is quirister and the word was derived from choir + ster which means someone who is associated with a choir.

What do you call a church singer?

A choir member, or if they sing by themself a Cantor . A cantor is a Jewish term, in the church of England, Anglican or Espiscolpelian church when a chorister sings along they are a soloist

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