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A coil is what gives you spark it distributes the power to your spark plugs so it would run bad or not at all check for spark.

The coil produces the power for the spark to ignite the fuel/ air mixture in the combustion chamber of the engine . The distributor systematically distributes or places that spark to the spark plugs in the firing order .

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Q: What is a coil and how does a bad one effect a vehicle?
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Will a bad coil prevent the car from starting?

Yes as the coil provides the spark or fire to ignite the fuel. Most definitely on a vehicle with one coil. On a vehicle with multiple coils, it may start but miss.

How do you cure miss -fire on 1 and 3 cyls kia carens?

if it is a waste spark ignition, and if they are companion cylinders (changes from vehicle to vehicle and motor to motor, if one and three both have wires running to the same coil, then they are) then chances are you have a bad coil. replace the bad coil and be on your way.

How do you tell what ignition coil is bad on 1999 maxima?

Unplug ignition coils one at a time until you find the one that doesn't effect the rpm's.That's the one that's bad.

What is one bad effect of internet?

Viruses is the bad effect of internet.

How do you fix the coil in a 1991 honda accord?

If the coil is bad you do not fix it you just replace it with a new one.

Why would a 2 cylinder engine only spark on one side even if you switch wires on the coil?

Sounds like the coil is bad on the one side ,need to replace coil .

Ignition coil on a 1998 ford expedition XLT?

Go to AutoZone have them rear your codes for FREE. This way you will know which Coil Pack is goig bad / or is bad. If you have a 4.6L you will have only 2 Big Coil Packs. If you have the 5.4L you will have 8 Coil Packs , One coil pack for each cylinder.

Mitsubishi Montero 1997 not sending spark out of one ignition coil?

Suspect a bad coil or failed engine computer.

Could a bad coil result in a cylider miss fire?

If just one cylinder miss fires, that is not the coil. Only if you have a coil on plug engine.

Where is number one coil on Toyota sequoia?

drivers side front of the vehicle near bumper.

How many coil packs does one car have?

Depends on the vehicle. Give us more info.

What happens when coil pack goes bad?

Then there is a no spark condition and engine will not run. If it has more than one coil pack it will miss on the cylinders controlled by the defective coil pack.

Do you have to change all the coil packs for a 1990 300ZX if just one is bad?


Why does my Ford Taurus idle rough in drive and reverse when I changed the plugs and wires but still have the same problem and the service engine soon light has been on for awhile?

Have vehicle scanned to determine the problem--sounds like one cylinder not firing, perhaps bad coil if Coil on Plug Model or bad piston or valve. May need a compression test to determine

If you have no fire on one of the wires on number three cylinder coil any ideas everything else is in working order ive already replaced coil and wires look good just no fire to the coil?

Bad coil or wire.

When replacing coil packs do you have to replace all of them?

No You Only Need To Replace The Bad One.

Is it a good idea to replace all the coil springs if one is bad or just the one that is bad?

Replace them in pairs. If you replace one front, replace both. One rear, both.

Does the 92 subaru svx has spark plug wire and coil?

every gas engine has atleast one coil, in a vehicle older than say 10 years it probably has one coil that leads to a distributor which has a spark wire going to each piston. The SVX has SIX coil packs, one on each cylinder. No spark plug wires, no distributor.

On a 2000 Ford F-150 what would cause the number one cylinder to misfire?

Bad plug Bad coil Bad plug wire Bad valve Blown piston

What is the cause of a misfire in a Ford Focus?

Bad coil, a new one fixed my 2004 2.0

How would you know if the sparks plugs are bad or if the coil is bad on a 1999 ford expedition?

Auto Zone will check your codes for FREE... It will also tell you which one is bad.

5.7 vortec no spark at all why?

you need a new distributor That can be one cause for this, could also be bad ignition coil, coil wire, or even spark plug wires. Test for spark at the coil, then coil wire, then the plug wire.

What was one good effect of the Columbian exchange for the peoples of the Americas and what was a bad one?

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What if there is no spark from the coil on a 1963 Chevy Nova?

Ok. Some of the early Chevies do not have a 12 volt source for the coil, in the cranking mode. You can run a wire from the selenoid, to the coil. If that does not help, then, you may have a ballast resister, mounted on the firewall. It would have been white, at one point in its life, rectanglular, with a triangle in the center. There will be two terminals. One on each end. These burn out, and they are cheap to replace. Coils, themselves, very rarely go bad. I have never experienced a bad one, in 30 years, and have only heard of a bad one, once. However, I would not rule that out, as a last resort. Get a test light, and see if you have 12 volts to the coil. If so, then it may be bad. Chances are, your not getting 12, to the coil, in which case, one of the first two rememdies, will work.

How do you check to see if coil is bad on a 2012 3.6 l dodge journey?

To see if a coil is bad in a 2012 3.6 Dodge Journey; take the spark plug out, hook it up to the spark plug wire and try and roll over the motor by starting it. If there is no spark it is bad, if there is spark you are fine. Or you can take it to a Auto Parts Store and have it tested. Remember; if you replace one coil, replace them all. Otherwise you will burn all of them up with one coil burning hotter than the others.